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Here's your visit with john beck. You know it's funny because you played at. Byu had a terrific career byu otley byu. Flares tied detmer and jim mcmahon. Both we spent time together in green bay. And it's always been a thing. Where byu develop quarterbacks what is it about your experiences at byu that enabled you to not only play in the national football league but to now pass on that knowledge to others who aspire to play in harlem. Yeah it is a special group there. There's been a lot of great quarterbacks that have come through. And i know in my time there with that legacy of quarterbacks that have gone before me. You wanna be a part of those guys. There's a high expectation that's there when you're the quarterback of that university but it's exciting to be a part of it. It's a great challenge and when things are good it's usually because the quarterback position is their razzle dazzle. We saw this last year with zack. Wilson and a great job that he did and now it's an exciting for him to come out of. Byu and be another one of those guys and then in terms of how. I hope the other quarterbacks. I think every quarterback has to be able to do with expectations that bill do with that pressure in that standard. So some of those lessons that i've learned coming from a place like that playing for some organizations in the nfl. That had great quarterbacks as well. It's just being able to recognize specialists to be a part of that legacy of quarterbacks and then also just there is always an expectation. There's an expectation of performance of efficiency. And it's part of the job that you have to be able to handle each and every day you go out there but it's exciting. It's a part that i I quite frankly missed but it's exciting. I get to help these guys. Take on that challenge themselves. It has to be extra excited. When you're able to see someone really blossom right in front of your eyes at your alma mater. Zack wilson Really had a breakthrough season in two thousand and twenty talk a little bit about your relationship with him where you guys. I met and how you of have developed a relationship over the past few years. Yeah i had a chance to meet zach. During his freshman year he graduated high school early. He was one of those early graduates than rolling january. The way i met zach was his uncle was actually bringing his son out. Zack's cousin doing some work with us and he just said hey. I really think that my nephew needs to come out here and take a look at this and so i got to meet him right after spring. Ball his freshman year and he's been training with us for. I think it's coming up on three years now and it's been great. It's been great to see. His development is a player. He's always been really special in terms of athleticism in how much she loves the game. His approach and his drive towards becoming the best he can be but it's been cool to see that maturation process in terms of decision-making also in terms of just rising to becoming a better player. Each year. he always set out with. I want to improve in these areas. And how kinda of tie in his athleticism and all those things in his arm talent and each year see how that's kind of jumped level jumped a level and then this year i mean quite frankly went out there. Put together an amazing year and it's been cool to see because it's been three years. It's not something where. In years past i meet a guy january where they played their final bowl game or playoff game. I meet them in january and we start. Working has been different. This has been knowing him since he was eighteen years old and to to see that kind of dream come to life and now he's going to be a top draft has been really cool. It was really cool on my own mayan as an evaluator is to really see the light. Come on for him When you watch him this season. Ucla make remarkable place and you also see his confidence bill week after week after week. Have you seen him mature. Says you guys have worked together. And how did it really come together this year and twenty twenty. I think some things really fell in place in terms of alignment there at the university right. It's the same offense he was able to have jeff. Grimes and aaron rodgers offensive coordinator's wide receiver coach festival. That was there that really keeping that system in place allowed him to grow it in the same system. He wasn't needing to relearn offense or have new philosophies concept so it was this continual put something out during the season and then he's the type of guy that's going to go back and watch every single game three times and he's going to go and take notes every single time of all right. Here's what i did. Then what can i do now and to see that coupled with every day he came out here and worked with us it was always about. What can i do to improve my game to take myself to the elite level. He wasn't just trying to better than average he'd wanted to be a leak and he was the same way when he was a freshman and sophomore but he had the battled through some things. He had a surgery that had the kind of work through. That makes it tough when when you're trying to improve as a player and you have to either learn new offense overcome some type of injury through rehabilitation. It's just not the same as when you get an off season to kind of come in and really just on improving as a player in the same system and i think that coupled with the fact that having some really good players around him he had a really good group wide receivers. The running backs did a great job. A great offensive. Line any quarterback. Does i wanna play well. I depend so much on the guys around me. So there's a lot of areas that you can point a finger and say it's because of this because this is because of that and it's the guys around him it's the coaches around him and then right in the nucleus of all that is how zach approached. Everything has a great approach to the game if things really came together on this last year man. Did it ever come together. Form when i wrote on my notes while i was evaluated. I wrote down the natural. Because when i look at him i think he plays the game in a very natural fashion meaning he can play on script or off the script he can make big throws but he also has the discipline to take things underneath. How hard is it to be a very talented player but harness it in. Just take what the defense gives you. How hard did you work with him on that part of the game. Well i think in my in my job. There were some conversations but i'm sure that his coaching staff there. Like i said the coordinators. They've probably spent far more time discussing decision making within a play. You know there were times in the off season that we would talk or sometimes even in season about just being smart sometimes very talented guys. When they're young they want to do so much. They have such confidence in themselves. And they haven't really had those scars yet of You know trying to do too much. And so they're always willing to go for to push it to try to make the great play. I love that about zach. And that's where you when you talk about maturations a quarterback you see that. I'm learning how to be smart. I'm learning how to play within the downs. I'm learning what can say. I don't need to take that chance right now. Because i know i can still do this. And then when you couple that with his athleticism at any time he can make that game breaking play. he doesn't need to force that ball on second down. Played eleven other down because you never know within the when that opportunities to come is gonna come to just capitalize and he's got all the tools to capitalize on those big play moments. He's got the mobility he's got the armed strength. Like you said he's a natural player when it comes to throwing playing off platform opportunities will arise for him to make great place during a game and you could see that route his freshman and sophomore years just at times. There were those decisions of trying to do too much. And i think as i look at this last year man he just seen by in such control of managing games of knowing when to take those opportunities and knowing when to just let me live to play another down. You know it's funny because you mentioned his confidence when you're working with them on like what is that. What does this confidence level like when you watch them practice and then when you watch him perform yeah you know i get to see him an environment here during his off seasons i watch all the games but don't get to be around him during the week in preparation for the season but out here you get the sense that he just always so willing to push through like. Give me the next challenge. Give me that tough throw. Because even if i don't get it today i'm going to work on it and i'm gonna be aware of what i need to do and when i come back i'm going to want to show you that. I can make that throw. That's the thing that i really love about the way. Exact approach things. It was just this this excitement for give me that challenging throw because he has that confidence of believing that. Hey i think i can do it. He got a little bit of swagger right. He's got that little bit of like that. Fine line between cocky and.

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