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This is his third win back in 2000 and nine when the door to the three time winners Club there's a brand new member, and his name is Emilio Castro Neves, the fist race in the air, the twin checkered flags. Elio wins it. He's always so cool when you see him out of the track signs as many autographs as he can. He's always a bundle of energy. So good for the most are those guys are mean. Even the retired with Dario Frankie D. We sat down with him for full hour in front of a live studio audience, and he was could have been anything. More than down to earth and just like a normal dude, right? Um, Chris Berman. The name we all know Chris Berman is 66 years old. Today. He was one of the first guys I remember on ESPN when it was coming up through the ranks. If you remember when ESPN first started night, it was nothing but the world's strongest man contest and Denise Austin exercising frog five hours they didn't mind actually. I like to needs Austin and But ESPN has him and he's been there forever. I think he's kind of taken on a diminished role, though. Yeah, he just does NFL primetime now on football season and that's pretty much it, But, yeah, he's you know. Part of why ESPN is what it is today. Him. I think Dan Patrick Tommy's some of the big names of ESPN. Remember when he had a video leaked. Chris Berman had some behind the scenes video leaked Where melted down, didn't he? Somebody walked in front of his teleprompter, and he wasn't real happy. What? I'm.

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