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Son today and get a $49 furnace tuna Michael Anson Traffic and weather on the 8s Let's go to Mary de Pompey and the traffic center All right good morning to you John Thank you very much And we'll go straight to the district hearing from a listener One of the little clarifications on south capitol street the Frederick Douglas bridge So let's just verify it as an outbound crash in was telling you the crash is right at the circle that would split for suit and Parkway south capitol street You can get by to the left at the scene Now we haven't expected closure coming up for bound suit and Parkway as well for a work zone So far with this crash apparently that is on the hold and we'll keep it posted when that transpires Nothing happening on two 95 at the moment will continue in the district however in southeast Mississippi avenue between 13th and 15th street still dealing with an overturned vehicle crash investigation So here Mississippi between 13th and 15th you'll be following police direction Beyond this relatively quiet in the district you're freeways the tunnels all other anacostia crossings available Let's check into Marilyn Baltimore Washington Parkway inside outside of the beltway doing okay 95 from the capitol beltway through 6 95 heading north open The new crash in oak ridge south 95 near route 100 exit 43 watch out along the right side checking mirrors actively now they're said to be an overturned vehicle south 95 in oak ridge near route 100 exit 43 caution on the right and watch your mirrors response as heading to seeing nothing currently two 70 slowing you there was a work zone at last report south near shady grove road exit 8 and you had two left lanes blocked but again not costing you any extra time As we move into Virginia interstate travel pretty light but we've got a crash investigation now on route one and Stafford county It is southbound route one It is going to be after the exits for acquire harbor So 6 ten years from villager last chance to get off on a main road if you go beyond here at Austin tribe that is where the crash Austin park drive forest and they will be turning you around under police direction and can't find the new car you're looking for try a 5th way use car next to a new car A 5th way car is best visit for yourself It's small dot com for reliable pre owned vehicles you can trust That's the 5th way marrying the pump and WTP traffic And that a storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller Pretty active weather headed our way today It's quiet though We'll see sunshine with highs near 30° a cold Saturday across the region snow develops though tomorrow afternoon in the early afternoon and it will accumulate anywhere between one and four inches of snow in the metro lesser amounts east of town higher.

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