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Least thirty pounds because she she she doesn't realize it, but she lost mostly fat. So when you lose like, a pound of fat, if you lose ten pounds of fat, it looks and feels like you probably lost like fifteen pounds minimally. And so that's what's really, that's what's really great. Is that you know, you burn fat, you just shrink when you lose a lot of water like like, I see a lot of people walk. I hear a lot of people do this program in that program to lose a ton of water. They look tired. They look like they're dragging terrain surviving something God forbid, people do this program. They burn fat when you burn fat, you just shrink and you look great because you're we're making sure you're staying hydrated and increasing your water how your body's absorbing water. So she says she lost twenty twenty two passengers. I swear I look I I'm wearing I can get into clothing now that I couldn't get him when I was thirty for thirty five pounds lighter. And so she's just she says she came in. She's super thrilled. Going on a monstrous shopping spree. She says she says her husband is going to kill her because you're going shopping spree and put what's great, you know, she came in. She had a bunch of shit a history of major digestive issues when she was coming in. And you know, every time she as she says within like twenty minutes to a half an hour. She's gase she's bloated. She feels that way for hours beforehand, and we came in did a concert weather. Obviously, we looked at a bunch of different things. We did the hair and saliva with the energetics. Byron genetic testing, we took a look at some blood work that she brought in. We were able to do a toxicity support digestive support mineral vitamin support and so twenty to twenty two pounds in forty days, which is fantastic a little bit below what we typically see. But still, you know, like she said, she looks like she's thirty pounds. She looks like she's thirty pounds lighter. She looks. It feels like she's thirty pounds lighter. And chicago. Go spend some money on some get, you know, get help the economy a little bit shopping show shot in the arm to the economy a little bit get herself shopping bind, some clothing, and that's always good, right? She looks like she's thirty pounds lighter. She looks and feels like she's thirty pounds lighter. And she's going to spend some money on some get helped economy a little bit. Shopping show shot in the arm to the economy a little bit could herself shopping binds, some clothing, and that's always good, right? It's all good. I you know, I think that there's nothing that feels or that feels better than buying yourself. A pair of jeans that are size or two sizes smaller than you were only like Hello twenty thirty forty days ago, in my opinion. It's like for a man who is tightening his belt buckle, right? And you get to see that Mark. And that he's had there for like, whatever eight years now that Marcus, you know, now that belt is on a different whole. And I think that that's I think that's really special anything. I think what really matters is the fact that you know, every single day you're accountable to yourself now. And you know, what you're doing, and you know, you kinda feel comfortable in your own skin. Now, you're no longer afraid of the snack attack. You're no longer having these cravings. We had stellar call the office this week. So she's been off the program for three years, by the way. And I think she lost about thirty seven pounds three years ago. She is sixty four now. So she was sixty one three years ago, obviously, she called because she wanted to know about the DNA testing because that was really interesting to her and also because she gets the complementary hair and saliva evaluation. Every three months she comes in. And she does that and she gets the appropriate works. You can bring. Well, I told her about that too. But so one of the things that she said to me that really changed her after the program was that she's no longer afraid to walk into a supermarket. She's no longer afraid to go sit down at a restaurant because she knows exactly where she's at. She's completely in control. And she said that this wasn't the situation three years ago. She had completely lost control. And that's a scary place to be at and I'm really proud of her that three years later, and she said to me. She goes, you know, it's a daily thing for me. Now, she says I wake up in the morning, and I think about what my day's going to look like. And then my second thought is what my day's going to loop look like foodwise, and it's an interesting thing. Right. We wake up in the morning. We think about what we have to do during the day. Why not think about what it is that we're going to eat during the day? Right. That's what fuels our body. That's what determines how much energy we have. That's what really determined how we're going to feel the next morning, right? But a lot of people don't think of it that way. But she says it completely shifted her paradigm. Like she's completely on a different wavelength in terms of what happens to her every single morning. She has a routine. You know, she knows what she's going to each knows what she's gonna do that day. And that really helps her and three years later all the way to still off. And she's doing great. No, it's great. It's great. And that's what you do you in power people when you have control your empowered, and you you can handle it, and you know, what to do. And so each person is given ten different ways to get the weight off h person as the weight set point reset each person.

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