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We've been looking for a spot this week could talk a little bit about colin kaepernick jonathan because i don't really agree with what john lynch told knbr radio in san francisco this week as comments i'm going to paraphrase is that people are wondering if football is the most important thing to count cabinet and there's a perception that football is not at the top of his list and that lynch thinks that capper nick needs to communicate that with people and say that football is important you should do an interview and let people know i don't really understand that why lynch thinks that el capper nick is it was in ghana according to his instagram a couple of days ago so he's out traveling you're looking for quote now to find his personal independence so he has been on the move this offseason but the guy didn't retire i did did you think the colin kaepernick did not want to play football again this year i mean i i don't think he ever intimated that anyone my glennon brian hoyer nick fools josh mccown landry jones met barkley mark sanchez gino smith josh johnson ej manual kellein more aaron murray chased daniel case kinam tj yates met maguire blamed gabar the list goes on and on and on of quarterbacks doable to find a job or at least in the mix to find themselves in a position of young nfl squad but yet kong capper nick needs to have an interview where he it's been suggested online that he needs to sit down on own with oprah or sit down on sixty minutes and talk about his situation there is no there is no discussion there is no discussion when it comes to count catholic here's his gushin argue comfortable with his stance that people should be protected against the police or not.

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