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Sorry, I'm so sorry I do it for terminent neutral feelings about it. So I'm not a Fano. Here's what I realize, here's why I don't like the movie Hannah stand watching max beefy goofy. Listen. Listen. When I was a kid in love the film, I related to max because like goofy is embarrassing. Unlike yes. I'm actually goofy is a little shit. Yeah. And then to me, this rest moments of that movie is when I could tear up thinking about is when goofy who has been historically, a character who has been a punchline character in animation history is talking to his son, and he's yelling in me. He's like, do you think too stupid understand? Is that it like he? Raking. That's why I love that movie. Because it's dad, I have my own life. Now, I'm no I just wanted to be port of it, like that's goofy pouring his heart out. And when Pete's telling him, he's like, hey, hey, my son respects me in. He's like, oh, okay, Pete. All right. Because he's check the map goof, when he's like muscle wouldn't lie to me like those kinds of moments are would make our bad. It's goofy. He's a widower. It's fucking San. His wife died, and he hasn't moved on by that point. It's great. When I my favorite Disney movie would have been like little mermaid mine was. Animated Disney movie now is low instead. Bitch, fucking heart. I need to. That's what I need to give more of a chance to connect to. I'm still upset at the marketing campaign of that film. I do remember marketing campaign was every family has one as the as family as in the Disney family, because they would show a trailer and it was the beast and stitch was crawling. And then he like, unscrewed the Chandler, and then it broke and bell and beasts were upset, and they walked out. So my kid was, like God about was doing a Disney movie where he's going to hop around to different Disney movies, and that's what I thought balloon stitches in a B that's a real sweat, eventually bomber kind of Reckitt. Ralph. That's what I got later. But so when I went to go see it just in Hawaii, the whole time this bullshit. That's why I'm still I need to give another. No, it's great because I don't think there are any white characters the body types, Larry on can't Kevin McDonald's alien character in him the aliens, they're coded. Nobody sure no Haitian humid. Visit like on the outside. It doesn't count Elvis does not actually make a limiting apparent not alive. So technically, or there's a white character that I'm just not thinking about. But there's like nonsense characters the tour like random on the edge is. Yeah. Which is funny, which is awesome. I'll do different body type movie doesn't have a single white person black person Brown person or person. Diversity trophy goes to you for real black. I see that. Coded and the story stitches story that like the whole Leela means family in bikes, great, just because you're broken just like kills me. Also the most. Yeah. Pressing cartoon ever made is Disney's ugly. Duckling. Oh, yeah. Do not. It's pretty messed match to it. Well, that is also very. Sadder but Nashik girl. What is that? I forgot. I can't remember that story so far. No. No, That's, that's that's that's the ball. the. Yeah. Z that, but yeah, that's this book, Ohana means family. Yeah. It's left behind. Wow, thank you so much for covering this book with us. Really pleasurable truly like analytical discussion of this book. It was it was really fun. Guys, if you didn't read it. You gotta. Then you have to read them. We don't we generally say, please don't read the book. Yeah. The buck book this time you should should absolutely read the book. I agree. But thank you so much, again, to heck Navarre coming on the show. Do you have anything that you'd like to plug? Just watch L rhino. Shen..

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Disney, Pete, Fano discussed on Teen Creeps

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