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Get vaccinated and boosted Christy king WTO P news Good Saturday morning It's 7 48 In time for a traffic and weather on the 8th and when it breaks to the traffic center and married a pampa Alrighty thanks Nick We are getting to that point especially on the Maryland side where there are so many crashes to mention it's hard to mention them all But on I two 70 with the weather passing through swiftly coating the road quickly and coming out of Frederick heading south we had a couple of accidents running southbound passing the truck scales you were staying to the left to get by after one O 9 passed the truck scales Then that's connected now through Germantown the crash is well past one 18 exit and beyond where middlebrook would merge in your staying far to the left to get by response on scene south and the local link through Rockville we had a crash that was along the right side near shady grove Now Nord found it's all connected now Gaithersburg all the way up through highest towns several spin out crashes along your way all the way up past the truck scales I 70 joining in westbound passing mount Aries been out crashes off to the left and I 70 west a listener checked in through south mountain You've got one lane of travel basically all the way through and both directions but northbound before the rest area south mountain listener said that one lane now has a crash so we're stopped myersville to get through south mountain So pack your patients if you're heading that way may want to hold off on this Saturday Now on the Virginia side more roadways have been coated with water and high standing waters and thing We just heard that in district two 95 running northbound Pennsylvania avenue the new crash watch out along the right side and was caused by high standing water you may be staying to the left to get by again northbound two 95 before Pennsylvania avenue single lane getting by watch for direction 95 in Virginia the crash south was clear passing one 98 We've got volume farther south and coated roadways are sporadic and coming quicker and quicker and we will have Mike tell you all about the timing of that 66 is coded or starting to get that way out in front royal and listener checked in having coded roadways or the snow at least stopping your hey market So it's moving very rapidly extra time stopping distance a lot of caution if you need to be out.

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