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Was powerless to stop this attack as they were to stop the subway attack luckily equal high are she one of the leaders of the serna attack was arrested for a completely different crime of kidnapping and torturing a notary name kiyoshi kariya for information kyoshi sister had fled the cult after donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to them nevertheless the organization wanted more of her money at the direction of ikuo hayashi kiyoshi was injected with barbituate file pentothal to use as a truth serum but the injection was too strong and she was killed upon investigation of the murder ikuo was arrested by the police what started out as simply a murder investigation turned into much more equal had long become disillusioned with the cult because he felt like own had forced him to compromises values as a doctor to a degree that he could no longer stand on top of that he felt like the lies shoko spun to manipulate his followers were ridiculous and even he could no longer believe them was so we could took this opportunity to free himself from alms influence he not only confessed to the murder but also to the sarran gas attack it was a stroke of luck because at the time police had no reason to connect ikuo or arm shinri kyo with the subway attacks eko as confessions contained damning information against dometian reco ikuo named all the perpetrators and even inculpate it many senior omission rico members including shoko himself these confessions reveal the locations of multiple omb compounds enabling numerous police rates although the police had not yet found shoko it would only be a matter of time in a final desperate attempt to delay his arrest on march 30th shoko ordered a low ranking all member name mitsuo ceuta oshii to shoot took haji kunimatsu japanse head of police to codgy was hit three times but survived the attack eventually in may of 1995 shoko asahara was found in a.

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