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But I want thing that really struck me. Was it got me thinking where Roger Federer fits into tennis post career in a lotta ways. It's keeping what you're saying of the sport trumps everything. But here's someone who brings capital he brings sponsors. He has a terrific gift for for working a room for for dealing with people. There's authentically where do you see you even since we're Roger fits in to this whole matrix when he's done playing. I think he fits in together with well. Let's just go Roger Federer way the great humans of of our time. And human said, we'll go down in history as somebody who's done a lot of things that have changed the people inspiration and change the world. And I think that he's so, and what's so cool is that he is just that normal guy. And then he steps on the court, and he's genius. But when he's in a room, or or he sister normal person the way he was when he grew up, and you see parents into the ballplayer box, and they're plotting for both players, and they're showing nerves and and Robert is obviously nervous, but you can see it. But I mean at some point you think he'd be stopping nervous because Rogers one so much, but now not at all Kasese. And I think that's it's just a and the most important part about Roger Federer and run on the dollar, and you know, in and out of being that normal is that that's why they're the best players of all time to me because. They have that respect as they have when they walk into room for every person that respect that goes onto the court, and they respect the guy across the knit so much that they lose sight of everything else except the guy cross the net, and because of that respect and humility they are able to pretty much never ever lose to guy. They shouldn't lose to. And that it starts with a. Yes, I don't wanna lose. That's for sure. But it's also starts with which out your opponent checking strings chickens weaknesses being prepared knowing what he does good. What he's not good at when he chokes what he wins. But that's why they're the best players in the world. You cannot just overlook your opponent than think you'll have consistent success. And I think the young players today need to really really look at that. Because they show up every single day, and they and they don't play their best. But you could never ever tell that they don't and they figure out weaknesses of their opponent. And they try to. His their opponent worse rather than relying their own strength. They rather explodes their other guys weaknesses. That's respect to me. That's really interesting. And I also I I wonder too is here you say that what is the impact on the other side of the net when you're the opponent and federal dollar project, this this humility, and they're not unapproachable, and you see them in the locker room, and they acknowledge you I wonder what impact that has on the opponent. How do you really site yourself up to beat Roger Federer when? He's such a normal guy who is acknowledging you as you as you walk out there onto the court. I think a lot of players are not able to do that. They're not able to see I mean, obviously, we look at Jimmy Connors..

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