Cawthorne, President Trump, Hurricane Laura discussed on Sean Hannity


News information and stimulating talk. There's no way around it. ELISA Brady Fox News Just hours from now. Hurricane Laura is expected to plow into the Gulf Coast likely around the Texas Louisiana line overnight as a category four hurricane winds of more than 140 MPH and a storm surge of up to 15 FT. The goal number one in a hurricane. Just to make sure that you save your own life. It doesn't do you any good to save your property. If you're gonna you lose your life Texasgovernor Greg Abbott, hoping hundreds of thousands of residents have heeded evacuation orders. Wisconsin's governor is deploying hundreds of National Guard members to Kenosha, where two people were shot and killed on a third night of riots over the police shooting of a black man. Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth. I'm very proud of our staff, the Financial Police Department staff that it went out there and protected the scene. Call me politely and stood there in the face of rocks being thrown the teenage suspect arrested in Illinois for last night's deadly shootings. The global total of Corona virus cases just hit 24 million and in the US alone more than 179,000 deaths. Democrats say the president still isn't taking the pandemic seriously. He's about chaos. We're about science, and we'll have more to say about this as we go forward about science science signs instead of the president's notion mongering about different cures. Speaker Nancy Pelosi holding a virtual briefing earlier today is the Bible campaign released a statement calling the Republican National Convention and alternate reality tonight Vice President Mike Pence makes his pitch for four more years of what the administration considers Success is on multiple fronts. The Justice Department considering a civil rights probe over thousands of nursing home deaths, now, asking several states, including New York and Michigan, from or information to study a possible link between those deaths and governor's orders requiring homes to admit covert patients. America is listening to Fox, please. This report is sponsored by Mattress warehouse is clean Shop Promise. Staying Connected Continues with 1061 FM Talk with CORONA Virus Cases affecting the athletic department and the campus and see State announced today it will postpone the Wolf Pack football season opener versus Virginia Tech for two weeks. Originally set for September 12 at Carter Finley Stadium, The A C C opener will now kick off on September 26th, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services reported today. There was a sharp increase in completed Corona virus testing since yesterday with 15,303 on Monday and Tuesday. HHS reported one month lows in that metric. Also, there were 1244 new covert 19 cases. As well as 36 deaths. A Western North Carolina congressional candidate will speak during night. Three of the Republican National Convention. Madison car Foreign won the Republican primary in the 11th congressional district and will go up against Democrat Mo Davis in November to replace former representative Mark Meadows. Cawthorne is paralyzed from the waist down from a car accident and should he win. Would reportedly become the youngest lawmaker in the modern history of Congress at the age of 25. Cawthorne is also facing recent scrutiny from allegations of sexual misconduct. According to a National Citizen Times report and the North Carolina Education Lottery, says the Carolina pick for drawing drew four nines. On Monday. NBC News Radio's Deem Yukio Has Maur. This number combination led to 1303 people winning the top prize of five grand. Additionally, 1000 and 95 people won the second place prize of 2500.

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