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The backup what they saw this is a very tragic proposal people were taken to the hospital in very critical condition the fire department says they are a teen. And an adult, as well as a firefighter suffering from overexertion that's WBZ 'em radios Nancy hardy correspondent Stephan Kaufman is at Arizona with more, on plans for. John McCain who, died this weekend at the age. Of Eighty-one a makeshift memorial. Is gathering flags and other mementos at a Phoenix March jewelry as the, Arizona city prepares to have the late Senator John McCain, lion state in this state capital building. Wednesday funeral service, will be held the following day the north. Phoenix Baptist, church before the war heroes remains are flown to. Washington where, they'll lie in state in the capitol rotunda Arizona's governor says he won't be naming, a replacement for McCain. Until after the senators burial next Sunday good news for those on the road gas prices dropping says industry analyst trilby Lundberg average Price of gasoline is now to ninety one for regular is down two cents over two weeks this more than me versus the rise we saw in the prior two weeks. Cheapest. Gas Jackson, Mississippi at two dollars fifty one cents crazy rich Asians rich again at the box office I chose to raise of twenty five. Million dollars in ticket sales this weekend. Is only six percent less than what it made, in, its opening last weekend that movie critics say, is an, unheard of hold Frei non-holiday release Koestler is the, CBS news WBZ. News time one zero three the Subaru retailers of New England. All-wheel-drive traffic.

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