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Seventy dollars people thank you thanks meg i just realized i i was scammed again i just remembered this now i don't know how they did it but i had to change my credit cards and my debit card reese was about a year ago and i just happened to be looking at my bank statement which i don't do all the time and this is what two hundred dollars at a grocery store in virginia what i called the bank and they went and they put me on with the fraud department and everything and as it turns out somehow they got gotten my numbers and they said they kept trying to use it other places but they they had shut it all soon enough and and you know what the bank gave me back my two hundred dollars which i think is interesting clint is on the phone hello clint hey good morning guys go go ahead clint i'm a dentist and several years ago i had somebody go to my website and look me up and find out that i do humanitarian work then they spoofed my email blocked it and had all the email sent out to everybody in my contact list and told everybody we're on humanitarian trip in the philippines and got all of our money lost everything and we actually had a couple of my patients money out because they looked up and it seemed legit wow what did you so so you had patients that had were out money did you try to do something about that volta more people than owed me money and so i just wrote it off and said you know thanks for being a good patient being loyal to me that's a good way to do that all right thanks went right stephen is on the phone hey how you guys doing fine stephen get so i think they're getting creative and what they're not far scams go i keep getting these calls that are local numbers so i'm thinking okay 'cause my job i have to answer the phone number and then it gets to you know the answer it and then like hey you know you have a problem with car insurance blah blah call you take care of this right now and i'm like i'm pretty good friend with my insurance agent so i know that this is not right for a lot of questions and i'm like hey manager and then.

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