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The gothic piece in the same language and you distribute across and somehow there's some like that happens and the bit that's supposed to on the on the depew and the bid that on locally runs look, and you may have done this faster. The listener Khuda was programming spe specifically for GP. It's been around for a number years, but it was good at these tensor array type problems because you've got the cheapies a really small scaler processors, lots of lots of them, and you know the same way that you wanna create a shadow on an object in in three d. space. It's great for math problem. Same kind of probably went many values applied simultaneously, cross a large number numbers moso than that. When you have an adjunct co-processor like the quantum computer, it turns out that that computer conned actually live on your car inside deal on vox because one. The quarterback properties that you need to sort of exploited the fact that if you want to hold onto the state inside the Cuban, you have to salute as much as possible from the environment. And so you typically do that by killing everything down. Right. And so your typical quantum machine that we at least approaches that we've taken so far tend to work in the neighborhood of fifteen million Kelvin assault living in a bath of liquid helium. Well, no liquid helium is far too long. Think really miss four Kelvin. This we are talking about fifteen million Kelvin roaches about fifteen thousand of degree about absolutes awfully chilly, right? So in fact, the engineering title that'll get your tongue on it. No, the engineering Tange of sticking wire with one in full Kelvin. The other one in fifteen million Kelvin is actually significant. Yeah. So anyway, the the long and short is the quantum machine is likely to live in such an exotic programming environment or such an exotic environment that you're unlikely to keep one your basement. It's like a product you'll take from the public cloud Indy. Trying to imagine the syntax q. sharp, and I'm having a real hard time. So does it look like a traditional programing language in the sense that you're using numbers and values? And that's an interesting question this hold for a moment because I didn't come back and tell you why you need a language in the first place ragged, right? So then people who've actually built keyboards companies have. Cubits that allow you to actually interact with them over the club? This is already thing, right? Right. So there's I've EM and get, you know of these places where you can go and sign up for account and Cheddi la- job that says, when Myton comes around on this thing on the five, Cuban city garden is on this is actually a thing you can do today. Okay. But the way they do this by writing the program and then and calling library function, which then gets an implementation for doing something device. Okay, right there is a functioning call from python will run on the quantum computer and to some kind of inspection inside of that function. Well, no. I mean, the the function is literally the thing that you want to do. So you'll end up retaliating against a simulator running it on on the hardware, whatever it is, having just a plain old library plus host language very naive way of doing it. It turns out that we're myself quite good at building languages..

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