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You said lebron says he wants to play with heike players i think if he plays it those guys within the confines of the basketball court they are smart are mature they do play the right way the are they do know the game yeah doc is right what they do off camera and all that that's different as a different kind of maturity and i q and all that we've been talking about it for a year we're gonna know within a month postseason may have ended earlier than we hope but never fear clapback season is indeed year round tuesday fan tweeted a response to read about championship or take mentality staying i see a few blazers fans talk of trading game lillard because we can't top golden state because of that mentality can't win a title blow it up that's so annoying i want to watch his career with us and enjoy the ride wherever he takes us ideally to title which is a very cool mature fan response daimler those further said careful what they wish for i love david cj because they are never to say what they are thinking what is your reaction to dame saying that oh it's a little different from his usual reactions right has used a reactions kind of used to be kind of shut up i am right now gets out and this one was kind of more kind of reflective and sobering okay is that what you want maybe maybe i should join drew my own super team now here's the thing i think there's going to be a lot of all star level talent moved this off season because so many teams don't have cap space that's the only way to make it work so there's a lot of blow up candidates in the nba and portland is one of them whether they moved aim or not as different story but i don't think it's out of the realm of possibility.

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