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Or you know, this season's a bust. This is just as chamber Chipper bus time time now with Jimmy Butler Bower had sixteen points in thirty two minutes. He only attempted nine shots. But last night. The Sixers were definitely led by she him in Allen Iverson together. I did not they hugged, and they swept they actually in the locker room, they swabbed jerseys at sign each other like the NFL. So I thought that was pretty cool. Gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah. That's pretty cool. Jimmy, we're as the acclimates more to the seventy Sixers I think has role grow as I mentioned, he only attempted nine shots last night, three rebounds one assist. But yeah, I mean, he's obviously going to have to be the difference maker for that team. If they're going to go for but in terms of last night. The last game that I like to talk about is the Cavaliers hand the pistons Detroit eight and six they win one thirteen one. Oh to the Cavaliers are now two and thirteen Jeff are they the worst team in the NBA. Isn't that a question? Visit a question or is it pretty obvious. Well, I mean, the hawks just as bad are they to what the record speaks for itself. I mean Cleveland is at two and thirteen the hawks are at three and fourteen. So you have a point. But at least the hawks have tree young, right? Yeah. True. But he's inconsistent and some point in his in arcs of also Satan, a real, which is pretty crazy. Okay. So you'd say it's close. Yeah. I would say it's close. I just record speaks for himselves. Yeah. As for the pistons, very and six. The tough ten games stretches. Our foreign six in their last ten, but they still look like a playoff team to me in the Eastern Conference. Would you agree with that team leisure and conference? Yeah, they're the fifth seed right now the thing is like the east is so not as good as the west any team can make the playoffs in that conference. Now, would you would you agree with that? Except for maybe Cleveland. Yeah. I mean, we'll the hawks to write the hawks in the and the cows are probably out. But would you say that every team in the Western Conference could make the playoffs if they were playing in the east? Yeah. I even the sons. If there's sometimes the schedule of the east, then I would say, so I think so because scheduled Isa's way easier than schedule the west, I'm sorry. It is teams like Houston, Utah San Antonio, Sacramento. Those are all on the outside looking in the west I think they'd all be in the playoffs in these one hundred percent..

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