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Got a busy show here new york city justin hartley the actor from bizet's oz also in up bad moms christmas hurts he says he could see a lot of justin hartley in bad moms christmas and he's a handsome fit young man mike global the beach boys will stop by and a will he's the host a man versus food brian cranston is going to join us tucker beth third the country singer who gave us twenty chan's hanna say he joins us coming up a little bit later on as well poll questioned brought to you by travel channel make levin and what are we going to go with let's go with was oklahoma's punishment for baker mayfield real does that make says his real was it a real punishment or is this a symbolic punish okay who is calling for the punishment first of all because once it happen even the fallout from sunday or monday i didn't hear anybody saying he should be suspended but they decided to suspend well they didn't suspending they just said he's not starting and they took away from his captaincy he took they took the sea away from him yes who i wonder if given a events in recent years they're trying to put a stronger foot forward about discipline oh okay is it really the deal big foot their discipline wise a heisman candidate no but it says he's not starting what does that mean does he just missed one play yopal the minute west virginia goes up ten zero he's back in the game that's what it means our here's his head coach lincoln riley the oklahoma had coach on the decision to not start baker mayfield this decision was difficult a thicket support forever body here across the country to keep in perspective and we all lose it an odd other to even though i work with them every single day that not just baker but all these players across the country were still young men that they're not adults yet they're still learning they're still in that phase where you're going to make mistakes and them port thing is that you learn from woman grow from him and i think i think what we're setting ford here is going to provide baker an opportunity to do that i'd here's baker mayfield as he meets with the media to talk about being disciplined planet oh you something i always dreamed of.

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