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Mainstream scientists, no one gets out of here alive. When our bodies were out, we die and that's it. Just the dust. The idea of a soul or a consciousness or some part of us living on after physical death has mostly been left two religions, philosophers, ghost hunters and the like mediums. There are scattered pockets of academics who've been interested in this have been quietly working on it. Back in 2017 journalist Leslie Kean took a deep dive into the subject in search of evidence and experts and compelling narratives. Her book Surviving Death inspired a six part docuseries. Now on Netflix. Leslie is an independent investigative journalist. One whose work should be well known to coast listeners, a 2010 book, UFO's generals, pilots and government officials is considered a landmark in the field. She is also one of three journalists responsible or the blockbuster New York Times report Back in December, 2017 about the Pentagon's then secret UFO study that initial piece along with some follow ups change the UFO subject forever. Working with Leslie on the Netflix series, is a veteran producer and director Ricki Stern, who's a co founder of Breakthrough films. She's directed. Three other highly regarded documentary projects, including The Devil Came on Horseback. Welcome to Coast, Ricky and Welcome Back, Leslie. Thank you. Thanks, George. Great to be here. Ricky, I want to start with you. What is the reaction so far to the Netflix series from critics from the public and you know from from Netflix, I guess. Well, we've had amazing response. We were in the top 10 trending on Netflix for I think about 10 days, which is some pretty stiff competition so that Incredibly rewarding. And, um, I think Leslie will tell you she's received. Maybe hundreds or more or emails to her sharing. Glorious people have been inspired and and just a great overall response. So it's been graces, you know, to know that people are watching. You know, I told you we had our earlier conversation. And I told you that I was trying to figure out how are they going to visualize this? You know, it's a Preed. You don't have stock footage of, you know consciousness going up to heaven or whatever, but it's a beautiful film. You did a great job with making us feel that we, You know, the visual elements go with the storytelling and the narratives you got. These people are just so powerful. I wanted to know if you Ricky had any strong feelings about this topic before you started working on the Syriza. Well, First of all, thank you for saying that because it is quite beautiful theories, and I think that that was really important to us that it was it was elevated and that we know Sometimes this topic can be a little sort of silly and people don't take it seriously in the production value was kind of Laughable and I think that was very important that this felt a zoo grounded and reflective of people's real experiences because they're very emotional in the you know, people have some confound experiences that are shared in the series. Um, going into it. I really was not someone who thought much about it. This notion of Consciousness continuing on our living outside the body, and I read Lizzie's book. I know Leslie and you know, but she's Which is thorough reporter and investigator and, um, researcher and so she makes her book of quite compelling and and I think, you know, I was very interested in Serious nature of it, and that there is a department the division of Perceptual Studies at Easy A in the medical school, where There are doctors who have been looking into this idea of consciousness. For decades. You know, a persistent aiming for the past 50 years, some of them and you know they studies reincarnation. This study am study near death experiences and side. And I think that that to me was very compelling. And then we traveled around. To Europe and around the United States on there are people who are looking into this and that's sort of the ground in Cardiff theories. Leslie, When you wrote the book surviving Death. Did you think of it then as a possible movie, or syriza and tell me how that happened. How you how you made the leap from the book to the Syriza? I really wasn't thinking about it as I wrote it, George. I mean, I was just focused on, you know, writing this book not know the answer is no, I never did. But once it was done, and there was like, a year, you know, when you want to turn it in at Random House, you have to wait. Maybe it's nine months before it comes out. I started to think about it then, and I had People. I knew that were connected to the field, and I actually knew breakthrough films. And I knew Ricky because we had worked on projects before, So it just turned out that you know they were interested. I mean, I went to. I went to breakthrough films like supposed to Ricky and she had other a team members there and Ricky was the one that took it to Netflix. I had nothing to do with that. But I am Least got them interested, and I have to say I'm so Leaves with the way they work, and we work so well together that I can't really imagine wanting to have turned my book over to anybody else. So I feel really fortunate that they were interested in it. You know your interest as as well learn in the Serie XYZ, not only professional but personal. Many of our listeners here will certainly remember the name of Bud Hopkins, a Talented, successful artist who later became a hugely influential investigator of alleged alien abduction experiences. He coined the term missing time you You two were close. You were with him when he passed away. Can you describe that experience and tell us is that when you really started thinking about this subject for yourself? Yeah, I mean, I had thought about it before. I was very interested in the cases of young Children with memories of past lives, and I studied a lot of both cases. The work of Ian Stevenson. And But you know, yes, but that that experience of actually being with someone at the moment of death when they take their last breath. Was something I've never experienced before, and it really did ever profound effect on me. It just seemed so sort of cereal. It hard to believe that this could happen. And you just can't. I don't know. I felt the space is just not being able to comprehend it. How somebody can just be there one moment and then be gone, and it just seemed to me like You know, it's just what is going on here. It just was. It is a feeling of being in a surreal kind of incomprehensible states and I don't know. I think other people have experienced that will probably understand. I'm talking about it's hard to communicate it. But it's just it's been touched me very deeply and and sort of a very provocative for me putting the tragedy of it aside, but really the element of wanting to understand. More about what was going on, You know, because I've experienced that and Ricky also new buds for many years. So I think maybe that connect to that little nugget of this connected to her as well. Right, Ricky? I mean, where he had done a lot of filming of, but Hopkins actually prior to his death, so Right? I think the Syriza's is not heavy on. You're not beating people over the head. You tell the stories you let people tell their stories. And you, for example, you point out where there are other possible explanations for this or that. Mediums, For example, we could cover mediums and episodes two and three and and you will introduce critical ideas that well, Maybe people learn this stuff on On Facebook of You know, you're doing a session with somebody and connecting with their dead relatives on the other side. Maybe these mediums or Charlotte because there certainly have been people like that, did you? Ricky? Did you set out to not be too heavy handed and allow people to Sort of wade through this on their own and make up their own minds. Yes, very much. So, I mean, this to me is about asking questions. Not about trying to convert anybody or trying to prove anything. Um, you know the questions themselves. They're fascinating and the way people Experience. Either death or questions about it. You know whether it's a lost loved one, um, trying to communicate or reincarnation case. These are all provocative questions and I think the theories approaches them in an intellectually curious kind of way and allows people to, you know, have these very authentic experiences in the series..

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