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The next week was due to come to commentary for something to do kind of a placeholder, so I called Tony at like ten o'clock after dynamite end instead. They're shutting Atlanta down. What are you GONNA do? And he said I have two weeks of TV. Tomorrow said okay. Well I'll be there. He's really of course I'm to be there. So that's why you gotta text at three am because we didn't know until ten thirty or eleven that we were doing the tape in the next day, it was the last chance that we had right there you go, that's why had to be. Perfect I. Love this Tarantino s now you start to see all the perspective so Nah like. Detroit me out man because I was like you never envision getting the three am text about that, but it's like I don't care like this this work right I'm not I'm not here trip about circumstances. I'm here to get the job done I. Want to I want this you. Figure it out, so I get there and This is what I've been saving for. So all the podcast have been asking me about the origins, and all this other stuff like that I said I was going to wait until it was on something that everybody could hear about right so here. We are okay the origin upon appleby. Plan repeat was a fashion choice by chance that you happen to pick up on when I showed up, I wore a button up. The first time in Jacksonville and it was a floral button. You know I can't do Denham because orange cassidy. There's also this cool flowery rope thing I wear Carl. She could beat the shit out of that role so when I doing that, so we'll do the button us so show up and I'm like. Hey, you know flashy. I like the stand out a little bit. So bring this limit shirt, but let me bring this pineapple shirt that I've got to you know. And these are all sirs. Four or five years old you know out of the parties, and all sorts of weird stuff and whatnot, so I show up, and the only reason I chose the pineapple shirt. It was GONNA be the shirt, but the only reason I chose. The pineapple shirt was because it matched my gear that day. Okay, let's just run it. We'll put it on. It'll be something fun. We'll put it on. So get in the crowd, right? Shows Moving. We having a good time acting a fool and during breaks, people keep rolling up to me and they're like appleby. PEOP- that so I'm doing the. Yeah like how cool. You know. What I'm not understanding. What's going on a missing something? So somebody finally rose up to me and it's like commentary on the Monitor in the back. Okay right so it's like the weekend here even though you can't because you're out there, but yo-. Jericho is like on you and I'm like the first time I heard it my heart. Stop because I was own. My God army like he's. He's burying me and it's like. 'cause you know unfortunately on indies people who try to be stand up comedians not actually put over the match so. Sometimes, it just completely deflate so I'm like okay well. I guess I'm doing grand opening grand closing, but it's like. You just have to hear. You have to see it so I when you come Boston out. What's your name? Kid and I'm like a? Hey Hey man. He's listen. Like it really, it really mess with me that day. Because I wasn't expecting to like. Run into you the way we ran into each other, but he was like look. He's I hope you're hope you arrest looking back up all the stuff that I'm talking about you right now. He's like because I hate to be wasting all this good material. All somebody that can't work so. No. All Right, let me tell you. Why started calling you plannable Pitas. Fun Story from my end, but before I get into that. Let me remind everyone that the best you can get for Dad. This father's Day is Omaha steaks. How do I know this? Because that's exactly what I'm hoping to get for my kids? This father's Day I ordered a bunch of stuff from Omaha steaks when the corona vice for hit still got a half full freezer full freezer when eaten them up like? Just had pork chops. Steak and some Gourmet Franks tonight for dinner. That's a true story, but I got to restock the freezer with some more of the stakes burgers all that stuff. The KIBOSSI, the pork chops the potatoes own caramel apple tart so good Omaha steaks delivers the world's best steaks and huge variety of other favorites right to your front door and right to your dad's front door so right now Omaha steaks..

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