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This is CBS news on the hour real news. Real reporting, I'm Jim Taylor. I just don't know why anyone would do something like that, she works in the Virginia Beach city center, where veteran employee is suspected of killing twelve people leaving carnage on every floor. Jim crystal police say the Virginia Beach, Virginia city worker who opened fire in a municipal operations center was armed with a forty five caliber handgun with extended magazines. Police chief James severa sound of gunfire. They were able to locate the four in which the suspect with committing is carnage immediately engaged with the suspect. The chief says there was an extended moving gun battle and ended officers tried to give first aid to the gunman after he was wounded. He later died, Jim. Chris cillizza, Bs news floodwaters keep rising in Arkansas, like never before Dillon Cooper, national weather service, historic event, we have not ever experienced in recorded history flood of. Of this magnitude on the Arkansas river and more rain means more flooding there this weekend. Supplemental disaster funding bills stalling in congress. And in this week's democratic address, Missouri Representative says Republicans are to blame we really reached the point where members of the people's house on going to deny traumatize communities, the assistance, they so desperately need just so they can go back home and say they stuck it to the opposition party. Is that really what this body has come to remains of a child, founder a free way in Arkansas, and officials want to know if it is the body of me Davis the four year old girl from Houston missing since may fourth. Here's Michael Sichel earn with the Houston. Police department. Formation..

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