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If you would possibly become more comfortable happier and another. Town and other steady in your kids what I don't understand why you would not want to just go some Morales side from you know cost of living and other stuff like that I would definitely be like. All right well. You know I found a place and so by. But you know not married only have a dog. You know work it out i. just feel like whatever your husband's logic there to to really make much sense. I mean, yeah. The whole I want to stay here for a couple more years before transfer whatever. I mean. You didn't tell us how old your kids were, but as somebody who grew up in a very white environment, not that white. Nowhere. Near that. Why like I had black friends from birth Surrounded by igus. Even into also, we lived on the Nigga side of town. So. So I don't have is not this dramatic but. I wished deeply that. Now that I'm an adult looking back at it, I wish my parents had removed me from the influence of those white people way before they did. Like I. Wish I was not forced to go to y elementary and white middle schools and like forced to be around those people because they really did a disservice really really fucked my mind up and thankfully I got myself together. But like. I just you know how fucked up it is to grow up there as a black girl. And is true that you know you're married and it's not as easy as just going off to another state which are kids in that being that. But if he's if he's saying, you know just Gimme a couple years and then I can transfer the now would be, let's talk about this in concrete terms not a couple of years like give me the month and the year that you are going to be putting in your notice absolutely finding another job or whatever because I will not let my children be saturated in this racist, ass. Environment for all their day is like it was bad enough in the nineties when I was growing up but with this trump pinch shit everywhere in the trump days ohno girl. Oh no honey we're gonNA have to figure something out and go somewhere else and because you are my husband and I love you I, want us to work on an exit plan together but we absolutely have to work on one and if he's not willing to do that or if the time comes and all of a sudden, he's changing his mind or whatever. You know save your money. Now I know you got shaw separate secret account somewhere need to be in your shit up now so that you can make whatever decision you need to make if it comes to that. But hopefully, your husband understands like listen I'm black this isn't a joke. This isn't just oh, shrug it off. It doesn't mean anything like this can affect A. Black person's psyche for the rest of their day for the rest of their lives and we're already stressed. So we we don't leave or man these kids are GonNa leave or mainly now you well, no, I would not leave my kids with a white man debuted just kidding, right so we can all go together or I can go with these kids. It's up to you. And less make a plan and to get my babies the fuck up Outta here, and then you know move from their girl. I totally agree. Like. I would definitely be like. So I just came from staples I, regard construction pay. Bulletin Board of yarn. So we're going to spend the next couple of hours coming up with an actual plan to get the fuck out of here, and we're not going to just talk about a couple of years I need to figure out how this is going to work so that we can all come together and work collectively with a plan to exit lovecraft country you're righty. Bank. Because this is happening, we are leaving we're leaving. There it is. Whether or not you`re So.

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