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Here with Brian Darling, the president of Liberty Government affairs were talking impeachment and where we go from here, Brian you had if this does go into the Senate, and there is actually a trial, let's say they choose to do this either. Right away or after the president is out, and it is decided down the road. I don't know, however long that may be that President Trump can be tried as a private citizen for his his high crimes and misdemeanors. There would be a trial in that trial, though the president would be able to defend himself. I would assume, and would he not then be able to bring out things about you know the election because that's what they're claiming that he's lied about the election. If he were able to bring out things that maybe they don't want them to bring out think questions about Pennsylvania, almost five contested states where they changed the laws of that going through the Legislature. Those things would be able to be then brought out. I would assume in his defense in some kind of a trial. No Yes, I know that. That is something that could happen. I mean, I think you will see demands on the part of The Trump team to have that to have witnesses to talk about that It's going to be descendants responsibility to set up the way that the procedure moves forward, But they will give the president's team an opportunity to make their case and maybe it'll become in debate when they were authorized to go down. And have this debate and we did see this. I mean, there's a question that just happened a year ago where we saw both sides make their arguments and so there may not be witnesses called that weren't witnesses called in the last Senate trial, But I'm sure the president's team will demand witnesses. They might not get him, but they will be allowed to bring this information up during debate. This is the opportunity for the president to lay out his case and lay out his evidence. The American people. So the it's coming in an odd way, but this is one way that President can get his message out. You know, I'm sitting here where there's a op Ed this week. We were talking in the last segment about the chances of the president being convicted by the Senate after he's once again a private citizen that is out of office. On. There's a new opinion this week in The Washington Post, Written by J. Michael Luggage, he served as a judge for the U. S Court of Appeals for the fourth Circuit from 1991 to 2006 so long track record as a judge and the headline on the pieces Once Trump leaves office, the Senate can't hold on impeachment trial. He's arguing that they a Senate trial would be completely unconstitutional because an impeachment process is on Lee supposed to apply. To a sitting officeholder. That is not what the president is going to be. So I do wonder Brian Darling. If the president's legal team decides to file suit, perhaps in the Supreme Court or whatever court you would hear this in in order to get an injunction against the Senate, even proceeding further on trying to convict him. I think they should. I mean, this is a classic battle between two different branches of government and you look at what the Constitution says. Specifically, it says that the president Is of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. It doesn't contemplate doing it After the president's out of office. He's got a great case. You also could have senators get up in the middle of the proceedings to say I'm gonna make a constitutional point of order, and I'm gonna force a vote to say this is unconscious. Tutu Chinna lso. Is a remedy in the Senate, and there's a remedy in the federal courts once the memory and we get further away from what happened last Wednesday in the storming of the capital of further away from that on, the Democrats want to get their agenda through. Do you see them? Maybe drop this move. They're not going to be is impassioned. They want to move forward and we just see this all go away, and this was just a big stunt in the end. I think it's possible that Democrats do drop this because it is going to slow down greatly the effort in the Senate to confirm Biden's nominees, and as we know, the 1st 100 days of a presidency is the most important time period to get an agenda launch. You look at the Obama administration they launched Stimulus plans and the number of other things during the 1st 100 days. You're gonna see Democrats say why we wasting time on this impeachment when we could be actually doing the business of the American people. I think you will see many Democrats have second thoughts about the road. They're going down, and I think Republicans right now, Brian darling, as they look at the political landscape, they see defeat all over the place. They see they don't have control of the house, although they picked up seats and in a surprise to so many They lost control of the standard and race in Georgia wasn't expected to happen and lost control of the White House project US out two years from now, If you can. I know so much can change. Do you think that there is a reasonable chance that Republicans are going to be able to retake? Either the House the Senate or both the two years from now, given the political turmoil we're experiencing, and the chances of Democrats potentially over playing their hands. Definitely, I mean, look at what happened in the first two years of the Trump Administration, 40 seats lost in the House and the first two years of the Obama administration massive losses in the house. So does the tradition of there being a little bit of pushback in a correction in the first two years. So I think if you're looking at the house, I think the house is likely to flip to Republican. Even with all of the events over the last The last week over the last few months. If you look at the Senate, it's a little bit different. Obviously, it's a 50 50 Senate. You have a great chance of picking back up that Georgia seat in two years, But it's tough sledding for Republicans because they have so many more candidates or in comments that are gonna be up for re election. And the Democrats do, but I think it's very likely that Republicans take both chambers. Well, well, well, we'll see what happens..

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