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No i mean it was it was wearing at a hotel now she's a woman is more likely to be carrying a pistol i think they've white women are more likely to terry gun so that is what did it for me white women are more likely to carry guns i think the blacklist the thing was very moved pwa lula no bruce inside are willing to but that wasn't willing to move thing for me was beat old noses assist a will make us goal broke to have the perfect wedding ga normal goddamn honey meg mental hotel okay at all all gas gas and they're going to occur why were worth it when i sit back as you said it was a wedding but but i'm i'm michael michael one and it's awful andrew suemegh he'll budgies daughter amani if you've got a problem with terrible or a lawyer that happened by the way that story in murfreesboro tennessee daring really giving it away the ways way outlets they were there's never really ours is gonna to thank you very next that the nashville airport story moved clear rude kurt real quick your story number eight were at this thing out there is never really outright time or place to pull off an armed robbery but part of the baltimore sun an off duty baltimore county cops were attending a fellow officers retirement party when two masked men approached the bars carrio countered demanded cash and fled luckily the bar was full of police officers they call him within minutes that was two gentlemen so the question is was this a white crime or a black crime robbed a bar full of police officers everybody's thinking everybody's writing what's our score by the way jets winning eight seven seven seven seven six okay you questionable eight there's two more after this okay all right john says rolo from sanford low thirty.

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