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Reopening the reacting rotation has taken place. How will it have? Healthcare's of is saying very much in five guests. What's mixed? Surely it's better to have an extension. What if this is going to be industry wide? At least there's one question you can have answered where to keep We have the latest world and National News Right here this department policy he had long had. This is about people that you care about Bloomberg radio. The Bloomberg business APP and Bloombergradio Dot Com Bloomberg. The world is listening. Joe Capital of the World Twenty four hours a day. Bloomberg Dot Com on the Bloomberg business, APP and Bloomberg. Quick take. This is Bloomberg radio. This is Bloomberg daybreak. Europe for this. Friday July the tenth. Finland coming up this hour, highstreet carnage, thousands of jobs to go key UK retailers, boots, and John Lewis as big stores show little confidence in the chancellor's push to fight unemployment, euro-zone, smallest nation, stage and uprising over the year, a group presidency striking uploads, the blocks, major powers Markle says. The EU needs to combine aid with reforms in a message to the frugal for Singaporeans start. Voting is the governing party seeks to extend its fifty five year rule, and the last hours of campaigning in Poland for presidential vote. They're scene is too close to call I'm Leon guarantees worthwhile news? And risk off China's red hot stop radicals estate funds start selling assigned. The government wants to slow at the surge daily virus cases in the U. S continue to hit new highs. That's all straight ahead on Bloomberg daybreak Europe on the digital radio. London Bloomberg eleven three. Oh New York Bloomberg.

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