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Well, we are looking forward to twenty nineteen as well as we look back. One more time to twenty eight eighteen in Crain's Detroit business newsmakers of the year. The current issue is covering that. And the news maker Bill Ford junior. Yeah, this is an annual thing where all the reporters and editors put together a list of top ten f for the year. And then they have this big meeting where they debate and argue on behalf of different people to get them on the list, and we have a great list this year. And of course, still Ford. Will be the speaker conversation with Bill Ford. I'm February twenty fifth at Motorcity soundboard. But all all of the honorees, all of the ten are invited to that luncheon. And we'll be honored. And it's a great crap. Of course, Bill Ford for the core town of vestment, but other people on the list derived decide who sold Cintel this IT firm based in truck he and his wife or more than majority owners of that. And they walked away probably with about two billion dollars. Not too bad. Not too bad. And of course, we have Gretchen Whitmer for her election. Warren Evans for salvo jail problem for his part in working with. Coverage group, there's a there's a wonderful crop of tech one of them. One of them will still be on yet this hour with us Patty, poppy of consumers energy, and she's and she's on the list for many reasons, but one of them is her commitment to reducing coal. They use of coal in power generation for consumers power, regardless of what the federal policy is. There will be or was she's in her third year heading up consumers, and she has made this commitment. They're going to eliminate coal. Energy course. Excuse me energy source, and they're gonna close the seven remaining coal plants that they have so. Yeah, that's a big commitment. That is one of the many reasons that she's done our list this year. Yeah. And I know she works hard to find new jobs for anybody who works at a coal-based plant that they they have decided to close down. Meanwhile, the relentless positive action apparently will consider for governor Rick Snyder. Yeah. This is I thought this is great this Chad Livengood look into the it quiet Inc. At the new entity Arbor called RPA action RPI action LLC it's based in downtown in Arbor. It's in the office of Chris Raisa who was a partner wicks writers. They created a couple of venture capital funds together before governor Snyder went into politics, but PA RPI action, certainly. Reminds you of relentless positive action his his mind transfer all his years in office. And so the the the governor told the former governor told Chad that he's looking at a lot of different things. But this LLC probably will be a business entity that will allow him to do deals or handled consulting fees or whatever else that he wishes to do. But he does talk about teaching he talks about serving on boards of large and small amputees and working on some Papa public policy issues. So this'll be interesting to see what is he's only sixty years old. You know, he's going to do more. Thank your last quick note. Boy, executive director of the mosaic youth theatre. Stephanie worth is really one sharp person in no better group than the mosaic youth theatre to benefit from Jeffrey seller, the producer of Hamilton's largest with a million dollars a game. The mosaic youth theatre that's a big deal. You have a nice story on page four in Crain's Detroit business. Nice story on that gift. And we also have a story on how Jeffery Sellars coming back to Detroit for March twenty volt because there he is participating in a fundraiser for a different youth development program like mosiac it focuses on us. But it's it's life skills, and it's called light leaders Inc. In an ex Pat, Amy neater Lander who's come to Detroit homecoming multiple time. She has brought that program to Detroit and mayor Mike Duggan and his wife Laurie Maher on honorary host committee Jeffrey seller, and they're going to have dinner and conversation with seller. Members of the cast after the show. So you can read all about that in Crain's this week. There's so much going on get your copy of Crain's Detroit business hot off the presses on the stands right now..

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