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Example one cartridge claim the oil was at eighty five percent THC but actually contain just thirty three percent bill Seward KFI news watch in a crash on the one ten south LA at one ten north found before Vernon a crash it looks like it's blocking the right express lane there it started to slow down for you around the one oh five he's busy to downtown LA to the ten and taking a look at the full five northbound heading heading north bound starts to add slow down around the one ten stays busy long stretches to the ten KFI in the sky sponsored by super woman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bock taking a look at the six so five first north outside now if you are coming up above from the ninety one settle a little bit it's going to be really slow from the one oh five all the way through the five to about four thousand we've coming down from the sixty freeway all lanes were blocked their north bound but they've been very open so that's the reason for all that now south bend to trouble actually a telegraph just before the five white lane is blocked there will be a right shoulder activity as well so it's getting real following getting flower coming down from what here a quick look at the one oh five of the six so five seven ten both sides doing well educated accent visit to performance of a lawyer dot com Jeff Bock K. F. five guys and a crash in Santa Ana southbound five at seventeen street looks like a second middle lane the trip starts a bunch a bunch up at the twenty two fifty seven can't find this guy help get you there faster I'm sort cross this Sunday's Super Bowl fifty four between the forty Niners in chief will be broadcast on LA sports leader and five seventy LA sports now here foreigners quarterback Jimmy robin what was asked if he's received any advice from a certain NFL legend of Tom.

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