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What you think middle ages when when you when you old and what you think right now when it's happening, right? Yeah. So I found that really, it's really lightly done as well rub your face in it, but it's the an, it's sort of woven into the fabric and quite an interesting and quiet. I think quite a moving way. Yes. So all on the same page time, which is people always, it's. It's like a pull quote that kind of is meant to kind of be interesting books, quality or maybe acceptable quality, particularly it will make love and cry on the same page really does. Hugely difficult to do that. I suppose whether it is something that is simply a right through and it is a skill that is something light liquidity or whether it is something that is all about structure and find cheating, and and and the challenge the word processor who knows. But I found it was really good on that. I wanted to ask you both before we go onto the reading section, what it made us think about whether 'cause we talked about it being laugh at things being laugh out loud, funny, did you? We both think we think it's it's charming book was, is it laugh out loud funny and is not a quality that we should. We should look for in something that is a comedy novel didn't laugh out loud. I said, but I did find it. I did find it very funny. I think maybe I'm just a hard audience, but I thought it was. It was witty and clever and there were lots of bits that I sort of wanted to share with other people read. Well, you're reading it. Yeah, I think I think he's just rather book makes. The actual kind of total. I think it is very funny. But I think I also think a lot of my enjoyment from it came from. The warmth more than anything you'll bit pathetic, but it's Jerry warmth about the book which fees into the comedy and feeds kind of sad. Books. Comfortable inhabiting the world of these characters and even the job Raphy we find yourself in some pretty pretty to some places all over the world. And that's a comfortable place in which twelve for for for. This is the point by g think one really important thing about as well as the to have a novel about with the central protagonist is a gay man, and it's a lovely book. This is not a story about tragedy. This is not a story, and of course there's a kind of metre element in the novel itself because he as a gay novelist is writing quite sad, tragic stories about gay men. Not finding an, I think that's another really interesting level going on. The actually Greer is written a novel, which is just delightful. And it's funny and he's protagonist is suffered in the way that everyone suffers to suffer through. I think that I, it selfish. We shouldn't be the kind of thing that we have two points out, but it is quite ready to find. You know, novels that don't straight characters. The allow them this amount of sort of freedom. And you know life only to say the, I respectfully agree, disagree, we've mccully slide. It did make me off out. Love. But then I tend to, I tend to express Deloitte in things that I enjoy with love. So there's different kinds of law..

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