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Build up of wormwood residue people search out. Damn grab the cologne bottle again. You ever picked on instead of toothpaste the wrong bottle. I've done that before too disastrous results preparation. But i noticed i used it. I've done it before with like a you know the more special. Why am i stuttering so much not anymore practice on podcasts specialized lotions and smaller tubes a look at You know especially lotion for my elbows. Get pretty gross and Did did that. When it could have gone worse. It could have been like a charcoal type cream. Whatever here's the quote from rohan atkinson. Mr bean himself to variety. I don't watch enjoy playing him. The weight of responsibility is not pleasant at find it stressful and exhausting. And i look forward to the end of it. He's treating like spiderman with power. No love it. I love it. I feel like all british actors. Can't you can't say enjoy acting or anything. Yeah maybe he but he's one of those two where he i mean he's done many things for many years. Not just mr bean. And but like that's is kind of what he's fucking known as and i imagine being being a typecast for that character like he basically played a goofy fucking guy in rat race like it was mr bean even dumber mr bean but like he was at the opening ceremony. I'll be olympics. Which was a very fucking big deal for. England in london to the queen was there and his rights. Mr bean over. Mr bean yelled yoed slack. His character he wasn't down there as rowing atkinson. It was a chariots of fire thing. And he he was. He was mr bean playing the piano fucked up the song and so like i was obviously going to do what. He's mr bean. But i feel like like this proud moment for your country. You gotta be the fucking goofball it just got to wear on you. Absolutely where salsa. He's he's playing hitler. Very into so credit to him for branching out you know. He's got he's got to be branched up more england right. Is he talking about england. There's there's just frustration at him not being able to break out to an international audience. He's here's what i come down to the dude like this is that you can bitch about having to play mr bean. All you want. His net worth is a hundred and fifty million dollars from fucking mr bean so you could survive and not enjoying. They have to play. That people go through much worse each day than emmett acts like was fucking goofball. The british cretin yes. Red-faced buffoons baoling and laughter. At these weirdos who have gone absolutely insane from living on this island for thousands of years. He's inbred red face buffoon. Or if you will you folks wigan kebab is that is the thing that's the uneasy thing about celebrities is that i definitely understand what mr bean rowing atkinson is saying here. Because i would hate doing something for that long to like. It just gets old and people say others mr bean your person yada yada yada. I get it. But here's the thing. Here's the thing about being a celebrity. You're not supposed to say that it's not supposed to say that. Just shut the fuck up something you save right like you immunise specific moment to to have that kind of lack of perspective really is it hurts. It doesn't look good. You also had more to cancel culture to right on the interview focus. I wish..

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