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Decline the the Democratic Party abandoning parts of its traditional core. If you don't look at those questions then it always ends up for mystery right Kylie and there's also a mystery and then the only answers are like religious almost and and you know it's like you just just kind of do incantations but what I mean need get us deeper into just how dangerous the you came media is and why they've rate wage this unrelenting war against Corbet and connected I mean actually you already explained the why but maybe just a little bit more details into the monopolies and how they affected but then may be connected to do this incredible conversation about antisemitism because one I mean look I I think that from where I see it. There is a little bit more sort of overt antisemitism across the board in the UK than there is in the United States. That's changing. We've got a press corps. Our approved a group that are talking about Jacuzzi here. White House press corps proof but the Conservative Party in in the UK in both. It's like traditional like inbred grandee tradition. These are not fans of Jewish. The people The former speaker of the parliament John Berko in interview couple of weeks ago where he said. Of course Jeremy Corbyn is not an anti Semite and is a member of the Conservative Party and said look. I've never experienced any anti Semitism from Labor. I have experienced it from other parties or Party in the UK and then in the very modern two thousand nineteen version. Boris Johnson has apparently been advised by Steve Bannon he is tight eight with Donald Trump. There are the same types of spillovers of all of the new. You know all right Nazi type movements you you know currying their influence as they are obviously in the United States in the UK even as one Corbyn in the leadership. The ship have condemned antisemitism and then of course the other issue that gets involved here is Is the conflation of absolutely correct. Essential essential and valid criticism of the of the state of Israel conducting. You know brutal horrific systemic human rights abuses on a daily basis And making that antisemitism. So you know. Those three things needs to be kind of teased apart. And and I think the media thing connects because yes I mean if you read the UK. I mean there's a big blessing and sanders here if you read the UK press it it would make sanders look like he was getting You know the press coverage of You know it's interesting. I think obviously I wanted to go into the. US already very skewed against them. But as you say nowhere near I'm skewed as the coverage a job here but carbon I think hockey reasons collectors been off the pitch for a long time in the United States. and so you're so you're kind of Media culture is is wet organized in demonizing the the you know insurgent socialist figures whereas here particularly because of what we had the nineteen seventy s and nineteen eighties. And you think of things like the miners strike. AWW that You have oppressed. That's very well able organized around demonizing left wing Socialists. Because they know how to do it Jeremy Corbyn case they went around everything until they find one. That's that's that's the truth of it right so Jeremy Corbyn laser the IRA. Jeremy Corbyn is friends with us. Jeremy Corbyn You know I won't sing the National Anthem. He didn't thousand fishermen sanitize the you know what you think about the queen in fact just today. Two major newspapers Twenty page stories. Jeremy Corbyn and doesn't know the time of the Queen's speech speech Christmas Day completely absurd. That's a so go running. Jesus Christ I mean how many votes extra.

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