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Got hands moving this this way and the other and you got a Super Bowl ring on your finger as you move in y'all by it every time, they blind sinker. And if you're NFL owner, you become a Namur because NFL owners just like any other American for the most part, they're watching television to and so they're being the look. Are they SPN? He's QB camp is the Super Bowl ring. He's pointing and moving around. These sounds good is enticing. But if they're watching TV don't they realize that Nathan Peterman sucks don't realize that good now. But he didn't this goes on his ticket. No, it doesn't because he didn't coach them. That's his his it out as well. If I would have had neither. Yes. Yes. You. That was gonna work work cut either. You heard the woods bomb on eighty wanting a trade, but who would the Lakers need to move to get him. We'll get into it next by laughing this thing right this 'cause we're in Atlanta. No, how how dare you kind of showed. You think this is exactly what kind of knows forty years ago today. Gentlemen, no way. The dukes of hazzard premiered on CBS nineteen seventy nine one thousand nine hundred five only had a six year run. I thought it was longer this show made me gay. This show this show. Why cow? I was I was through this. I didn't think it. I didn't know I thought this was just kind of something you weren't you weren't. I didn't know that. This isn't it? You would think would busy straight. But it just took a whole other way. See you. Remember daisy to come him. Board. I do not who do you? Remember? It was Luke Luke was that the blonde brunette brunette brunette guys, the blonde. What was? It was my favorite TV shows as a kid I love I didn't have any idea me. I had to it was arson. We didn't know what you're trying to do. I didn't even know what the flag was. Neither did I I didn't even know what the flag was. I didn't know that the stars in bars was confederate. I had no idea. What it was? No. None of us will I'll take that bag men of us cheering did. Yeah. Don't saw new right? I mean spoon fed us some propaganda. And it took me it was a college. But it's my realize may wait a minute zig. The car was the general. Let me go. Get him. Listen, I just thought, hey, what a cool name for. But Michigan relea- was early. How twisted it was not to get off kilter. But this not twisted. It was right. So the one share that was that the neighboring county was a brother, right? I was so into the show I was rooting against one black guy that show. Oh, man. Oh, you'll get that black guy. He's good. You're team boss hog. Oh, something. It who's the code..

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