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Are they still pain medicine brewers? Eighteen innings of baseball in Milwaukee in the end. It was the brewers that one point three that after the meta taken the lead on Jeff McNeil hit in the top half of the eighteenth inning. But it try and Bronco connect for a two run single. Milwaukee comes away with the victory. Braun had six hits on the night. Peter Lonzo forced the extra time with a ninth inning home run. Really good job by everybody sticking in their grounded. Every every pitch out. I mean, it's just really unfortunate to come up on the on the short end and this one how Jason Vargas activities starters today at two o'clock on WCBS eight eighty Yanks into schedule for the city today. Four o'clock I bitch. That's a change from yesterday. Seven three twins win on Saturday returned to McGill and do har- from the injured list. He was one for pre at the plate. A couple of errors in the field though. The Yankee Aaron Boone was he tended? My didn't see that. You know? I thought it was. On the throat a second where he threw it away. You know, his work got away from a little bit. They're kind of off the wrong foot and the angle, but no I didn't see I didn't feel like he was tentative. Go her mom. Michael Pineda scheduled starters on the fan. Three twenty five. Elsewhere on the American League school board the Royal strip. The Tigers fifteen to three Indian town score the Mariners five four rays fall to Baltimore three to nothing Red Sox. Fifteen White Sox to ask does down the angels for tune to to Rangers. Eight blue gauge five in Oakland falls to Pittsburgh six four nationally Cup. Six cards five the Braves bound some Orleans. Ninety two nationals edge, the Phillies tend to eight reds nine giants to Rockies lose their Zona nine to two and the dodgers dumping the Padres seven six the final score that game with that..

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