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And we're up to the money watch fires were almost nowhere to be found as a resurgence in Corona virus infections. Crush stocks, The Dow Jones industrial Average plunged 943. Yes, and he tumbled. 1 20. The NASDAQ dropped for 26 ups fell nearly 9% the most since 2015. Investors look past surging sales to focus on rising costs as the company accelerates investment ahead of the holidays. Facemasks, who are a big part of etc. Is better than expected third quarter results accounting for 11% of its merchandise sales, But other items sold well, too, was total sales, excluding masks, Rose 93% from last year. The NBA's Utah Jazz is getting new owners take entrepreneur Ryan Smith, co founder of Qualtrics is buying the team for a reported $1.6 billion. Waltrick sold to ASAP for $8 billion last year. Larry Kowski Bloomberg Radio and the case. CBS MoneyWatch sponsored this time by Shane Company. I'm your O'Donnell in Washington, D. C. Role of a journalist is to open the window into another world of experience. I feel an incredible responsibility. We have to make sure we're right that were fair, but also bring Americans a greater understanding and hopefully bring Americans closer together. That's why I wanted to become a journalist. The CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell Wait nights on CBS moment. You get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks so much I'm going to.

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