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The american association for anatomy. I recently joined a discussion group of podcasters interested in new emerging strategies and technologies and one recent. An lively thread. His centered on the importance of transcripts for podcasts. Many podcast provide transcripts or captions. And those that are available are often not very accurate. But it's important of course it's important for accessibility. Those with profound hearing loss can't access the content without transcripts captions. I myself have moderate hearing loss and it helps me to and even those with no hearing loss can benefit but it also gives you away to search for and find the topics in past episodes. The you wanna go back and revisit and listen to again or maybe to recommend to a colleague when it comes up in a conversation or maybe something going on in your department or coarsening want to go back to it. An accurate transcripts captions. They cost a lot of money. Our friend to triple a. Pay that for us. Maybe a quick note of thanks to them at anatomy dot org are one of their social media. Accounts is a good idea to say. Yeah.

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