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You know and i definitely complained here that a team that that cut down the nets in their conference tournament for a second year in a row get sent to kansas to play montana to tip off at the time at you know right around nine o'clock at night or eight o'clock at night at local time in wichita but game went late because houston in san diego state played a tremendous game that was a great game to watch the way that that ended three threes in a remarkable layup were four straight possessions in the fifth and final possession of the game was shot put up from three point land with one second to go i mean just trading threes and then remarkable dipsy doo hope by gray of houston to give houston its first ncwa tournament winstons since fi slamma jamma right really nineteen eightyfour was the last time wow guy v lewis who is the the coach in nineteen eightyfour i believe i think you're right i'm looking down on eighteen eighty four last time houston played in nineteen that's five slamma jamma that dude had not only the winning hoop but a huge second half what if twenty three in the second half he was on fire and you know houston getting those points from from way way downtown and the rob gray hit that layup with one second to go most points scored in a player's first ncwa tournament game in last twenty years thirty nine points and eight rebounds that's next up for michigan which did survive montana and again nervous for you at the start here's the deal the the conversation has been all week long how will the big ten teams fair because they held their tournament a week before everybody else so conference tournament weekend for virtually the entire country was a bi week for every single big ten team that made it and the conversation was how will michigan handle it after down the nets and normally when you do that you get your brackets that day or the next day and then you know you're playing and you're on the road and the juices are flowing you go you know tuesday you're in a plane or a boston thursday or friday.

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