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David yes dave dave david david boy wet waking waking listeners find out all about you and everything you do everything i do is at david c smalley dot com my twitter is david c smalley my patriotic david smalley everything david c smalley follow that listens podcasts numerous we have a we have the the smalley effect podcast is usually with comedians we just had maryland rice cope on from always only in philadelphia and she was khloe on twenty four those who don't know and mister show this show absolutely yep as she was great and you know you know i i usually bring in comedians to do stuff and then dogma debate you know we talked with we talked with people who were antiscience quite often and i try to get them on the dark side and you get them on the show i can't imagine it's easy to book those people it's because i'm you know what i'm gonna i'm just always very respectful in my challenges don't i don't talk down to them i understand that a lot of times the way they got to their view because they believe they're doing the most good for the world and i just disagree as to what that good is and what it means to be good and so we get to talk about that we talk about morality we talk about the bible but it's always respectful challenges so and to be fair that's almost a really good reason why we separated things out to the smalley effect podcast because when we wouldn't have a christian or you know someone from the right wing or something like that all i can astrology or whatever right it would be it would be one of it would be like three or four of us sitting around talking not well it would be that but we know we drive f bombs we drop f bombs and have comedians on and then pastors would listen to that episode and go.

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