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Try to enjoy it as much as i can. Walk here because this might be the greatest generation and keeps in chiefs kingdom history. I know one thing that you wanted to talk about. And that's melvin ingram or justin. Houston which. I'm sure is going to bring a lot of groans from the people listening. Why did you wanna touch on these guys. Yeah i just think i mean. Here's the thing right. Now what the chiefs have in the defensive end group is clark taco charlton. Tim ward mike dana. And joshua canedo. And i know everyone says you know chris. Jones is gonna play a lot of defense dan. I while i do believe that. I'm not going to put all of my hopes into that basket. That frank clark christians are going to be on the edge you know sixty sixty five percent of the time and that's gonna solve all of our pass rushing problem because at the end of the day the chiefs are looking at the buccaneers and maybe a handful of other teams as their real competition to get back to the super bowl and all of those teams have you know except for the buccaneers of course mobile quarterbacks to the point where they can at least get away from the rush so the chiefs have to get better at that. They can't really have the the struggles that they had last season. And it's hard to know whether you're gonna get you know a bounceback hear from frank frank clark or not or if he's going to be completely available with this you know situation that transpired in california so outside of assuming that chris jones becomes the starter on the other side. I really do think that the chiefs need to beef up the defensive end group and so i mean the two guys right now right that are out there that are probably the most appealing are going to be. Melvin ingram and justin houston. Now i get it. Justin houston obviously for some people. It's it's kind of a little bit of a turn off but i would just say from a talent standpoint. Who would you rather have is in my opinion. There's one guy that i think is still very good. And there's one guy that i'm i have some serious questions on so i'm actually kind of curious before i say who i'd rather have which one you would prefer l. Justin houston just has been better than frank clark over the last two seasons. Okay you can take the play offs of the equation..

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