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Help us to get better and tastic. And i'll put all that in the show notes so that i think if we can get clubhouse link to do such a thing there is such a thing. It is currently in betas. You needed invites impact. If somebody somebody income from you i'll put it in the show notes. And then you got it. And then that'll that'll be my first clubhouse link in my sean tastic well you heard it from the man. Lorenzo there that go and listen. I mean so much. There's so much out there that we can learn so listeners. There you have it another story of loss to keep you winning. My number one goal for the next twelve months is to help you mind listener to reduce risk in your life so go to my worst investment ever dot com right now and download the risk reduction checklist and see how you measure up as we conclude the renzo. I want to thank you again. For coming on the show and on behalf of stotts academy i hereby award you alumni status turning your worst investment. Ever into your best teaching moment. Do you have any parting words for the audience. Thank you so much. Believe in yourself the simple fact that you're listening to this show tells me that you are interesting. Better yourself so continued that work boom. That's a wrap on another great story to help us create grow in protect well fellow. Risk-takers this is your worst podcast host. Andrew stotz saying. I'll see you on the upside..

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