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Rick called me on the phone after the hearing. He was furious. He's told by his attorney how it went in Rick blame the negativity of the Florida clemency board on the media coverage. He was certain that newspaper stories that went public hours before the hearing in our video camera and Associated Press video camera that were inside the clemency hearing boardroom put the board members in a position to have to be tough on crime tough on Rick Rick was insistent that if his commutation was denied he would be the media's fault because of its decision to cover his hearing publicly. The wait began. Fourteen long and agonizing days later, Rix attorney received a letter in the mail. It was only two sentences long dear Mr Cot camp executive clemency board at its hearing on March thirteenth two thousand nineteen took. Your client's case under advisement and is subsequently denied his request for commutation of sentence. According to the current rules of executive clemency. Your client maybe eligible to reapply for clemency on March thirteen two thousand and twenty four. Rickaby out long before that is scheduled release is Tolbert twenty six two thousand and twenty not talk to Rick says the decision came down. But before the hearing he told me he is prepared to do the entire sentence. If he must and each day he will look for because while he cannot change the past. We will not let it to find who he is with a promising future is so looking forward to. I want to go sit on the page with Ralph and his wife, and this island me litter banks, you know, I want to do little things my they everything that you guys beg for granting are the things that means so much. Me.

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