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Perry it and by april fifteenth mall jackson should be named the head next head coach of the new york knicks now let me backtrack so everybody understands exactly we have coming through this job that is coaching the new york knicks under the ownership of james dolan isn't just a head coaching job it's a challenge to one seventy yes james dolan cuts to check yes james dolan cuts the check and for the most part let you do what you wanna do a basketball operations but because cable cable vision and and madison square garden the glamour it that it is is so suffocating in so many ways the business of it all infringes upon basketball and hockey it takes a special person to deal with that in a market like new york city you absolutely positively cannot have just to coach here you have to have someone new yorkers believe in who wants to be they don't wanna be in montana smoke is something we don't know they don't wanna be some hospital somewhere with bad hips they don't want to be out in la with exfiances no they wanna be air in new york city representation that's what they want somebody who is not a player that speaks to the media every game who is the voice of the franchise who can galvanize new yorkers and new york knick fans everywhere to have faith in them because if you do that it a warrant this support.

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