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Home estimate. It is four ten. Fairfax county has been trying to control cut through traffic and some neighborhood by not allowing turns in certain areas during rush hour, but those rules may change soon. The three cut through mitigation projects and mason and drainsville were designed to stop drivers from clogging up residential streets during morning and evening commutes. In those areas, drivers can't legally turn off certain major thoroughfares into neighborhoods during those times, but that also applies to residents that live there. On the 31st, fairfax county will consider some changes to those restrictions and look into shifting to a residential cut through permit program that would allow residents to drive onto those streets during all hours of the day by applying for a permit. Stetson Miller WTO knew this afternoon metro is holding an emergency board meeting, it started around three in a release the D.C. area transit agency says the closed door meeting is about safety and security matters other than that a little is known about the rear Sunday afternoon emergency meeting. We have a reporter following things and we'll tell you what we learn as we learn it here on WTO. Your body clock is a good for more than just determining when to wake up and when you need to sleep, it could help you prevent chronic disease if you eat to its beat. This sort of new and emerging science basically shows that it's better to eat your food in accordance with your circadian rhythms. That's the in a 24 hour clock that determines hormones, body temperature when we wake up and when we go to sleep, Washington Post health columnist on a hot O'Connor. Studies show that if you are sort of eating most of your calories in the morning or afternoon, that's generally better for your health. An example of times of day people actually do better when you put them on the earlier eating schedule. So breakfast in the morning, around 8 a.m., lunch at noon, and then an early dinner. Liz Anderson WTO news. It is for 12 just hours after celebrating a second straight national championship win with a parade in ceremony tragedy befalls the university of Georgia. Defensive lineman, Devin Wilk lock. And 24 year old bulldogs member of staff, Chandler LaCroix were killed in a car crash in Georgia today. The school marking the announcement on social media saying the two meant so much to the university. Georgia senator Raphael Warnock. Who said

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