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Away because she gives the men some information but it's not correct because he's not going to be at the corner pocket and it ends up that she does get paid for the forty either. Yeah so which. I think is the right move. You talked about that. Yeah like she. She loses the money and the money has to come from like the money that they get. Is ted's winnings. Because bobby has come up with this plan to get the money back to what was your sense of. How does ted get carter. Does ted give himself up at the end because the last we see if he's he's in the diner that separate from the corner pocket so he's not where the low men are looking for him and then bobby tries to send them away and they know that ted still town with the phone call And then you see sort of had get come to this realization when bobby comes back to the the cafe. Ted's gone yet and he's left his cigarette burning for a long time. So it wasn't like he got dragged out probably. Yes so. I didn't get a sense of if ted has given himself up to protect bobbi because we don't have that showdown with in the low man and ted. It's just ted's gone. I hadn't thought about it. Maybe he decided to this. Version of ted is a lot more in tune with using his powers in a given moment in the book. Right like when he sends bobby to go rescue carol. It's like ted is instigating. That said you better go find it right now. Whereas book ted. He didn't know what was going on with. Carol until bobby showed up at a store yup so in the diner scene. Ted might have been doing the same thing. He's he's senses what's happening. He knows what's about to happen. Perhaps rather than putting up a fight and getting himself hurt or endangering. Bobby he decides the best course of action is to simply turn himself in which is largely what happens in the book..

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