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Jack Barsky is a former. KGB sleeper agent. He wrote a book about his experience called deep undercover my secret life and tangled allegiances as a KGB spy in America I spy as a production China Foreign Policy Are Executive Editors Dan Ephron Rob Sachs and Amy Mackinnon help produced today's show. The interview with Barsky was conducted by Amy Mackinnon. If if you have tips or suggestions please write to us. I spy at foreign policy DOT COM. If you like the show please subscribe on your favourite platform and leave us. A review foreign policies subscribers can go to our website to hear bonus episodes of ice by with additional excerpts and interviews this week we'll talk to the FBI agent who exposed exposed Barsky the to our nell golfing buddies. If you're not a subscriber go to foreign policy dot com slash subscribe for access access to all of the magazines great content next week on the show. Israeli Massad operatives set out to assassinate the leader of the Palestinian group. Moss butter are forced to save his life instead. So what was developed very rapidly was some kind of poison that once it's being being sprayed on somebody's skin. The person reliever shortly after death feel dizzy will go to sleep. And we'll never ever wake up that episode next week on. I spy I'm Margo Martindale..

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