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Sandra now with the morning spoilt which calls for one is you're also vegas says his teammates more support the back winning again pressure on here increased offer to on the face of rice and left them thirty points behind fourthplaced salt live matches this is he made to step places to the title with a one though victory but last season's champions chelsea tonight manchester united aim to me back into second place selby say by winning at struggling crystal palace rangers manager graham as he says his players cheered when late withdrawal and against rivals celtic and extending finals at these scottish cup type of that place in the last full with a four one victory i have a phone cut motherwell scored a late goal to be halts two one belt play the winner of the replay between abbott taken and kill monnet phil neville remains on in this in a women's varnisher off the drill with germany and his second game challenge they came from behind twice to a points in that she police flash in jesse ntv finish the world indoor athletics championships at seven medals off sixty mesa huddle entry policy von goals only lost by inbound the impasse that i test on georgia woman truth ultimate we've big european sports now a showdown is looming in at the treasury market we've seen hedge funds increase that berisha bets on treasuries according to the latest a cftc data meanwhile real money funds have an increasing the bullish positioning so a little bit of a divergence there we're joined in the studio by nick got sight international cio a fixed income at jp morgan asset management good morning to you make great to see you so there is an argument that the treasury market was just about starting to get his head around two more hawkish fed and now we got all this rhetoric about possible trade wars if we look at the 10year treasury yields in today's session with down four basis points two point eight three percent so a bid for the safe haven there in the event that we do get of these us tariffs and potentially a trade war what's the direction for.

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