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So the things you needed one perhaps futures without two tenths of percent but we all we could for a third day in terms all of the industry groups you see call may because tech insurance underperform media and utilities and real estate out perform so some of those defensive sectors out performing a little bit the SP five hundred also eating around the three thousand mark yesterday we did close below it futures on the back foot S. and P. futures down a tenth of a cent Dow futures level by tenth of a cent not stock futures lower by two tenths of a percent as well in the bull market not showing a huge amount of optimism although the ten year yield slid yet studying now what kind of marking time on the ten year treasury yield one seventy six handle and he was actually taking up in Europe the ten year bund yield up a basis point negative thirty nine ten you deal healed also bounces back up three basis points went back above seventy basis points on that Russia okay let's have a look at what stocks are off to watch this morning Bloomberg Jerry Stiller's joined us in our London studio city official Renner they've cut the full the full cost and that then we can in Columbus yes good morning Sir we start with renown as neighbor mentioned that the auto sector is one of the weakest performance today we had an update from brand I lost nights off to the clothes and as you mentioned today downgraded I focus on the economy now this this morning saying that their innings estimates for the it could be cut by as much as twenty six percent so it's a bit of a shocker in terms of this update the dividend for rent I seem to be at risk this is also partly because my son recently also cut the dividend and of course when I I'm drowned forty percent of my sensei had this hits from their income from one of the holdings in another company now there are intending to declining and their earnings estimates coming down analysts worried about a dividend that one is not open yet but I'm saying some of the pages Volkswagen down around turn off sent Volvo down four percent despite quite strong earnings and some of the supplies the intercontinental the time I can lead on tape since the whole or two sectors being hit from a run a profit warning about dinner and they they float there for cost own weakness in the U. yogurt and bottled water that's right says Gordon interesting one in terms of what I saw I thing has as you mentioned a blow that Christ focused about two point five percent to three percent Alex for expecting about three point eight cents to is a bit of a downgrade as you mentioned the yoga business so interestingly this saying that Russian company customers in particular switching to cheaper brands of yoga is we don't really know why that's what they're saying and another thing is both with washers week those a cold oldest which they sang reduced amount for both of water United is also I went to custom re this year and I found both rules that I think that's the reason but you know it's it's in line with what they're saying but we take on board that you entered last a very this year they have a you sit down with some of the kids right LSE on the stock exchange they have an interesting time obviously with this failed bid from from Hong Kong to try and take my but the third quarter total income three point nine percent above estimates but the see if I was on his way out that's right this info is retired that was quite say unexpected news that from my let's say this bear mind as you mentioned you had this Hong Kong takeover attempt recently this is the first update since I've mentioned that since they rejected that bit from Hong Kong and I really come out fighting in terms that language stays the same the business is strong across over there is this still committed to the huge offensive Dale and I've actually appointed a new integration chief which they haven't had before so he's going to come in and he's going to be in charge of integrating when you were finished two units with the rest of that I same folks on that date to business so you mentioned and I see shows up front one percent I would note that a lot of the U. K. financials heavily exposed to the UK economy down to see what you see why P. G. and low it's which make a hundred percent of their revenue in U. K. that down around three ten percent this morning never mention the made in the council looks like breaks the stocks under pressure again that's probably what we're talking about OJ thanks very much Joe Houston that here in the studio with us and Roger just wanna give a little bit more detail on a couple more stock some days you need to do more than three critically one earning season is kicking off a Joe did mention Volvo the fact it was down along with the news on a run a bit more detail on that is that full they said it was preparing for more output cuts off to full costing a slump in truck deliveries next year in North America and Europe on we could amount to a down more than three percent on that stock ready control also different part of the consumer sector of course to done known but we got to check this to second cultural ganic sales were down four percent that was worse than the estimate and what you're saying and what you're hearing from analyst city saying second quarter sales clearly weak on Asia watch pias and the reaction in Rhenish as certainly show some concern among investors were down two and a half percent okay let's have a quick look at our top stories and as you mentioned Boris Johnson Gotti's brexit deal in Brussels but now the focus turns to Westminster the prime minister is facing an uphill struggle to get parliament to back his agreement but he thinks it's possible I'm very confident that when my colleagues in parliament study this agreement that they will want to vote for it on on Saturday then in a in succeeding days but soon opened publish this morning by the Belfast telegraph the D. U. P. leader only in foster has confirmed the whole party will oppose the deal drums can take place tomorrow on a red cent of the session of the house of Commons meanwhile in the last hour bank of England deputy governor Dave Ramsden said a smooth breaks it puts rate hikes back on the table speaking of bringing back into the Thursday the B. we first remarks off the details of the prime minister's agreement were announced Ramsden said the central bank's guidance that a smooth exit from the E. U. which mean limited and gradual increases are empty needed remains valid on China's growth slowed more than expected in the third quarter Bloomberg's pride Curtis has more from Hong Kong GDP rose six percent from a year ago the slowest pace since the early nineteen nineties slightly weaker than the consensus six point one percent factory output surprised to the upside rising five point eight percent in September it was higher than the four point nine percent projected in retail sales in line at seven point eight percent the slowdown is further evidence the Chinese government is leading the economy drift lower well it cleans up the financial system and pointedly domestic consumption increased to sixty percent of the economy with net exports and investment about twenty percent each as China slows its buying less from the rest of the world in on Kong Brian Curtis Bloomberg daybreak Europe Saudi Aramco is delaying its IPO again saying the timing of the share offering will depend on market conditions it'll be postponed for at least a few weeks we've learned not to give back countless enough time to incorporate third quarter results the numbers are lucky show Aramco didn't suffer material financial hit from the attacks on oil facilities last month now let's get the latest in global uses Bloomberg summer kill off and Sandra you got more on that conflict in northeastern Syria yes good morning Roger Turkey and the US have agreed a cease fire in war torn Syria bags Symon Deming canned reports the Turkish president racial type hours one has agreed to suspend on Christmas tree operation on Kurdish lead minutes as in northeast Syria for the next five days in order to allow the wife he cheats withdrawal the agreement essentially gives on her what it wanted to achieve in the first place the removal of Kurdish fighters from the pool to in order to create a safe zone is stumble Simmons Emma can invent daybreak Europe acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney is backtracking his claim that president trump withheld military funds for Ukraine in order to push for a broad investigation into the Russia probe he was pressed on the matter by White House journalists right is a quid pro.

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