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Ones you response responsible for all the bad things happen all of our sanctions or or against them and that's what they believe that's what they've been taught but you'll the leadership knows the truth and that's the ones we have to worry about right now so when my my my brothers in a in the army and career in the early 90s and they would 'unity enzi they do this the joint exercises every year the shoe exercise of happens that i think has been pushed off since the olympics happen this year for a few months in i know that there's some great new toys new bunker buster kind of bombs we have in the f thirty five czar are involved in the whole thing does this intimidate the north koreans as a show of force something that you think gets under their skin it definitely gets under their skin but it's been do i mean i i was part of it in the nineties when i was stationed there i'll be the exact same exercised about the same name so they've been routine and and have been for ever so it's nothing new but they like to use that is as you know object to say oh my gosh you're doing in beijing preparation and all this kind of stuff still use it for their negotiating an internal consumption purposes uh but it doesn't really get under the skin because it's normal all right well meet lieutenant good to hear from you good to get a sense on this but certainly quite quite the news here and i guess you know who you see i suppose if they are going to sit down who would who would go first to mean obviously in terms of the administration yeah i i again i just reiterate that hallowed this opening has to be taken because if we fail the most expensive way the united states could solve this is to use preventive military strike that would be the worst possible al trump so we have two seasons with both hands all right lieutenant colonel danny davis a new us adviser former us advisor to the second republic of korea south korea we appreciate your time today thanks for coming on well what was your thanks for having me all rights we will hit a quick break keep it here warning gotten me the most angry out of everything and everybody that hillary clinton has blamed is that the media didn't talk about polisena secret.

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