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Oh yeah totally guilty and they were just like same thing it's like what but then they let me off really easy i think they were just like so happy that they were finally talking to somebody who wasn't going fucking that wasn't me it's weird and it's it's really and i think both of us this it is a tab it disrespectful for us to try to put ourselves in a black man shoes when we talk about over we just telling you about our experiences but yeah and i think that's a real problem i have oh my total agilis to that side of the argument i just with into circle back to like randy weaver i just wish when these stories get blown up just and that's all i was trying to say is actually the white dude randy weaver he also wasn't innocent it's like yes the fbi should never read his compound he should've went to fuck and courts for the warrant which he chose not to do he made that choice he started the sequence of events no one but him you should have got that no one in his family would be dead right he is also off the shotgun yep he he didn't have to no one put a gun to his head to make him do that so i get worked up where like yes the government fucked up in their reaction to what he did similar to the way a lot of police have fucked up and their reaction to what some happens but that doesn't excuse what the person did it doesn't make them deserve to die that part's fucked up but i just wish there was more stories of like someone was walking down the street minding their own goddamn business doing nothing to anybody and then the fucking fbi showed up in fucking.

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