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On a whole the welcome back to purchase of the cutters H. total landscape solution show for this Sunday afternoon I read granted I heard media studios in Miramar as always joined by William quickly William is the president of cutters AH cutters and roll one of south Florida's premier landscaping companies and we always start off the second half of the show with listener questions and William and cruel old by the way crew my apologies were also joined today by Ron Frank cutters edge business development manager and designer and we also have with us Mike several key account manager for site one site one landscaping supply the nation's largest supplier of landscape supplies both in the U. S. and in Canada also with us Gus Gonzalez the pomp and branch manager for site one and also from site one Orlando Rameau's southeast Florida business development manager and will speak with all these gentleman in a few minutes but William we have a question comment from Sharon Marie of Pembroke pines and Sharon says all we need a show like this with landscape topics on Sundays I actually listen through while I do my gardening so that's great it's kind of like and she's doing good it's sort of like a radio tutorial I guess because we learn so much we'll hear Sharon's question I keep getting fungus in my grass I treated it twice once in mid September once the first of October the farthest one away but then it came back in November and I treated it with heritage ran your lower fungicide but it has gotten better it seems to be spreading I followed the directions by landscaper says it could be coming from our lake water what do we think about this guys what what do we think about it Mike and Gus well it's definitely not coming from the lake water coming from the pathogens in the soil that's what creates fungus all right what do you think Mike well yeah it will once again when you have a pathogen I have to manage a pathogen into you decide to say well I don't want that pathogen anymore are you you have to dig it out so in managing that and just like managing any kind of disease or insect you will have to swap the active ingredient because the pathogen will adapt to what you're throwing at it if you're using the same active ingredient which means if they're using heritage you may want to use something different like a from a team bath oil or something like that to try to break that cycle of using the same active ingredient sure we'll have some success right the pathogen just like in in second become resistant to a certain chemical absolutely are we what type of pathogen are you dealing with are you dealing with a brown patch is it a T. call patch there's different types of pathogens but are in treatment of different pathogens you're gonna have to use different active ingredients although worse of course once again it's it's it's having that train professional ground and take a look at and say we'll miss you know miss Marie Marie on Jan Marie you know you have you may have some take all we may have to go after was something different I would recommend something different yeah I and I guess as you mention it's possible that she's been using the same fungicide for a while and the grass may have built up an immunity exactly sometimes just sort of changing it up yes sometimes just translate that may be an easy solution yes I may be the solution our our Dennis fighting it make sure that you're using the right active ingredient for that pathogen are you in the correct rate rise you also points all good points a granular may not be have this the spreader set it right right we all may not be using this better yet okay good and she may have put down the the product and then put too much water down afterwards and then a leech the soil on it all right I agree over a good soul was Sherrin some very useful information there all while you're gardening today something a number of things to keep in mind by the way William Assurant had a a follow up question she said a good deal we do a show on growing vegetables peppers fruits and herbs she recently started doing so in her backyard you know we we did we did a chore mark Mari Carmen Marie you can go on to the podcast on six ten WYO D. dot com and go under podcast look for cutters such total landscape solution show look for Murray's corpsman show on how to grow your own food and it was a very good program on that and we'll bring merry back from time to time again we'll talk about that subject again because we do get a lot of questions on it yeah on on the top of that when Maria was last year he treated us all to some of home grown Hey come on they come out yet they all right it was actually pretty good it actually was pretty good actually I I have never had it come up before but I think it helps before made me either but never had to come up now I mean either either either completely completely unrelated but that's why we bring people like Mariana Mike on you know they they bring us different things at all different ideals all right indeed and we're really talking mostly today about IBM integrated hast management although we were talking a little bit before the break about the different types of insects that we know that some insects are good although a lot of insects are not so good water is some of the ways that we can sell a weather and insect would be a more damaging one then say perhaps beneficial one well doing research I mean we have so much information at our fingertips but if you would like to do it yourself I mean there's there's that there's so much information on the internet but I'm really trained professionals go.

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