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Practices like these being planted in culture of the real estate market. Many black qualified families. Never got a shot at owning home or owning land to build on and as most of us know real estate is the game in town. Most wealthy people play in and stay in to continue making money for their future generations. So with that being said now listen to allen. Continue teaching about the history of equity in economics and how the future of black wealth creation is brighter today than it has ever been in so while other cultures were able to buy their first home in the suburbs and those home values were appreciating and they were able to happen to their home equity to do things like educate their their children pay for college. Put down payments down on businesses to really give their family a leg up. We didn't have that opportunity to create lasting equity not until really the last fifty years or so right and so we're starting with a huge disadvantage but the beauty is that we're able to catch up in some cases there's been a huge aspect of of leveling the playing field and that's really been access to opportunity access to education right like education is one of those things that helps people in this country to achieve a higher economic status than their parents. Entrepreneurship is another. It allows people to move up the economic ladder and so these venues for us or are relatively recent but today the economic opportunity for black people in this country has never been brighter on our most recent podcasts. We talked about black lives matter and all of the programs that have come out of it. All of the different corporations that have funded initiatives to try to help us not just received donations to our black charities but also to provide capital formation right venture capital dollars that we historically don't access to are now being set. Aside grants for our businesses are now being made opportunities for black. creatives are being made. there's employment opportunities for companies at companies. That are stricly not very diverse. There's opportunities to join boards and different things that never would have been thought of were it not for twenty twenty and the unfortunate circumstance of the death of george floyd. I hear you when you're talking about the opportunities here a here you when you're talking about in grants and loans and real estate in education like entrepreneurship however since it is so soon after all of the financial traumas that black folks have been through in this country since it is maybe fifty sixty years in some of that stuff. I know of still a bit foreign. And maybe even a bit scary and maybe even a bit so far out of reach for two for for some people's minds even grasp because it's been such a traumatic experience in such a no not you type of vibe for so long. I'm wondering like have your bought about you. Know that in the sense of maybe people who are are wanting to move ahead maybe people who want that one better even just ninety nine even for themselves at certain for their children halcion done are seen any research may even just thought about some things yourself on that idea of pushing past history and being comfortable with taking advantage of the options that are available now being more comfortable with understanding that no grants and loans and that is for you. That's not just for white folks. No more you know venture capitalism that is for you that traumatic that surrounds money on a on a higher level. I hope that doesn't but it feels like it's going to take even a bit longer. I'm talking about folks. Black folks getting in the stock the stock market and bonds in and black folks understanding assets in black folks understanding pooling money together to buy real estate in how bill generational wealth like do. Y'all have any thoughts surrounding ways or even avenues or journeys to take to to start the process of healing from that traumatic experiences. That so many of us in our communities have experienced in seeing fell around money. Does that make sense. No definitely makes sense in his actually something that we work on in a variety of different ways literally are telling black people walking them through the process having them results as they apply for that. Loan apply for that. Grant apply for that government funding like it applies to you. Also you are prepared. You are ready. You have what you need. Oftentimes i'm not really legit. I don't know if i really. You are legit push through. Make sure you know that money is available to us a one. I think alan and eric consistently standing on the front lines in that mission to pull our people in because we we are always applying for this funding whether for ourselves our own businesses on behalf of our clients is a we know for a fact is money is available to people who look like us so we are consistently standing on the front lines advocating and championing black people to to make these moves. But i think in addition to that what we are finding is that but people are inquisitive yesterday. Trauma is there but they are realizing the representation of seeing other black people are making it. When they see that we find is that they become very inquisitive. No they might not know the entry point but they are ready to learn. They are ready to understand. They want that that they want that growth opportunity around money around assets around what they should be doing. I think we genuinely believe that. The news that is put out about black people not having assets and not being involved in making financial decisions is a strategy to deter or to continue to distract blackley from feeling like they are. They deserve to be there. I think what's happening. Genuinely i think was in and i'm not trying to be like weirdly. Optimistic progress is being made in the form of black assets. Looks different for us. But progress is being made. And i think that outside agendas are that no. We can't allow that to happen. And so we've got to tell them that they're doing poorly for us to continue to think that that's where we belong for us to continue to be comfortable with hearing negative things about the progress that we are making with black. Well one thing live. We really have to develop is a sense of optimism around where we are today both collectively and individually. And what i mean by that is that we are of course beaten down. We have historically been discriminated against like light life is not a crystal stair for for black people but at the same time twenty twenty. Black people have more opportunity today than we have ever.

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