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Welcome flavor doses buckles great ray lappi is all his way you'll be hit about ten minutes or so he's coming from an excess which is a big green egg competition anything with victory vague ray lap he is good they're so that's what he's got or not he'll be here and tug minutes we have a lovely taily here this afternoon i'm wonderful how are you going really well we have food in front of affairs garang it just looked like you know when they showed a hyenas gnawing the food like in africa oh yeah that's we look we look like about twenty minutes ago yeah we wedding doug if extravaganza of meats were here outspoken races it platt city uh what are you do it applied city you say a wonderful food of one thing i've always said i'm not scared to drive a little ways if it's for food absolutely and this is comforted i mean for this it is seeing raise the north carolina this is my hometown food you know we i don't my driving i think it took me thirty not bad at all is the bath from south pepe i got some moves for you is there buys hotel through okay yeah yeah rick wings and ribs in fraud catfish and what i mean it's barbecue but everybody has barbecue everybody has their version of barbecue but robert here at spoke of aces i'll be live followed robert since way back when he would would he was in a keelan curley parking lot with lil yeah a little trailer in there were two hundred ninety degrees i'd be put putting a great barbecue that is putting a great barbecue now so if you're the platt city area of you just have to be driving bite latte city uh poland here at were over here at us focuses i will be here till 3 o'clock in the race lap you'll be here eddie mid it now so we're gonna talk about uh will flavors a new name if he does it all here by dow was up togo university that it was big food show and flavors this general yeah we we take it a couple of times there but i mean i think this hits the basque this is it yet this is at flavor so we're got could have just talk about barbecue a docket of just talk about tailgating we were talking about cooking entertaining inside outside barbecue doesn't matter anything to do with cooking.

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