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Clearly this is a prostitute writing a yelp review but other prostitutes who clearly saw no this is a place you know bring prostitutes because he took his ninety six grand cash and went and got three prostitutes and went to this hotel it is so many of us right now we're hearing the scripted this movie zachary what's about to happen next you got ninety six grand in cash three prostitutes in a two star motel in the bronx let's go to news twelve to prompt to find out how the story continues police are now telling us that the victim had just won a legal settlement for a car accident he was involved in any amount of ninety six thousand dollars they say he then came to the van cortlandt motel on broadway around ten pm sunday night and shared a room with repressed just hours later around seven am pops are now telling us that the women seen here said they wanted to call a friend to bring over beer and cigarettes the victim agreed but police say that the men who showed up had masks on and brought a gun instead stealing the victims money now officials have confirmed that the victim was unharmed and that they're still looking for all five of the suspects dropping close bond through the streets being discreet right ninety six granting gas you to tuesday motel in the bronx with three prostitutes those three prostitutes they're going to call a friend over and you get robbed saw what the hell did you think was going to happen i know the world is changing but it just certain universal laws that will never change of you if you are in a bronx tale with ninety six granted cash in three prostitutes it's a great chance that big online yo ass up you could have you know told five jobs who have any street experience what's.

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