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Have you concluded Maureen that there is a hell that hell does exist. You know? I personally don't believe. I mean, I was brought up Catholic. Sometimes I believe if there is a hell in the afterlife. It's because we created ourselves. I don't believe that you know, there's necessarily a hell, no interesting. Now, what drives you why do you keep investigating? I don't I I investigated because I don't feel I can stop. Sometimes you know, I over the years. I've are you like addicted to it? No, not addicted to it. But to me when I'm you know, investigating a lot of times, I'll use energy and expend energy when I'm doing that. And if I don't feel like sometimes if I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing my wife kind of it's like wreaking havoc. Right. It's like a buildup of energy. And if I'm working, I do a lot of technical work. I do a lot of work on computers and occasionally when I would go to those spans of time and not actually use that energy. I would tend to fry a lot of my electron, our friend. Jeff Belanger wrote the forward to your book more ghost chronicles. And he of course, is the author of the world's most haunted places. What a great investigator. He is Maureen. Oh, he's gonna tastic. I love just and just a good guy. You know, I see him at events all the time. And I mean, he's always upbeat and courteous and just a just a nice guy. He is. He's a nice guy. And you know, I've met Jeff boy about fifteen years ago. And he always has a nice word. He always works really hot. What he does. And you know, he believes in helping people. So that to me makes a huge difference. It's not just you know, all about me all about money. It's all about how you gonna serve and help others. When you're on an investigation. Do you go with a number of people? Yes. Yeah. There's a team over the years that team has changed and has grown, and we have, you know, few mediums at work with us. We have people that work specialize on the electronics. They work with the NF meters on you know, we have those that use it a quarters, and I think it's just a good team of people that have worked together for so long on just had the routine down. Have you ever been on an investigation Maureen where you went, oh, we'd better get out of this thing in get out? Now. Really? Yeah. There's there's been a couple. There's there's been a few and when those moments happened there, even though they're rare. They're still unnerving. You know? I mean, Ron would say, well, I'm not afraid of anything. That's you know, he'll say, but to me, you know, you have to just keep aware. And I don't intend to feel the effects of an investigation. Let's say over a period of time is no joy, if it's taking energy for me. It's feeling you know, literally like, I have a pain in my chest. Or I'm feeling all this, you know, after effect. Let's say I still have to work a day job. So it could interfere. And that's one thing. I always have to kind of be aware of what would you say has been the most fascinating case you've been on to date. Oh, jeez. Fascinating. To me. We investigated the Portsmouth lighthouse one time. And there was a the last white keeper his wife, Connie small. I believe what's her name. And to me it was fascinating. Because this was the sweetest woman that had come through..

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